Towards a Dark Night ~ Brooklyn, NY

If you only walk on sunny days you’ll never reach your destination ~ Paulo Coelho

Ominous thunderclouds, the roar of thunder, and the crackle of lighting. New York’s heat wave finally broken.

On these summer days, I can’t imagine not being near the cool breeze of the river. Today though, lunch was interrupted.

~Willing the ducks back~

~ Ducks aren’t willing ~

~Back to their East River home ~

~ A simple lunch, before the rain ~

~ East River Ferry headed from Williamsburg to Midtown Manhattan~

~ Watching the storm brew; listening to the thunder rumbles of an upset sky ~

~ Final moments at the shoreline ~~ As the raindrops started to fall and lightning zigzagged over Gotham, the Park was pronounced ‘closed’ for safety reasons ~

~ Wind gusts and a torrential downpour ~

~ Life goes on despite the rain ~

~ On the rooftop ~

~ Dark Night ~