Rewind Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Hardly a day goes by without my thinking of New York. I miss it. I long for it. It was the first city I fell in love with. Looking through my photos, I’m awash with memories; I’m so glad I was given a camera to capture the city’s moments. New York always looked beautiful, never dull or boring. It’s Williamsburg that I really miss the most. I wonder if I will recognize it when I return.

10th Street street art, August 2012

10th Street street art, August 2012

That's Manhattan, July 2012

That’s Manhattan, July 2012

At Momofuku Milk Bar, May 2012

At Momofuku Milk Bar, May 2012

Guard Dog, May 2012

Guard Dog, May 2012


Draped in vines, May 2012

Fair day, May 2012

Fair day, May 2012

10th Street street art #2, August 2012

10th Street street art #2, August 2012

Comstruction, April 2012

Construction, April 2012

Music on Bedford Ave, May 2012

Music on Bedford Ave, May 2012

Coffee to go, May 2012

Coffee to go, May 2012

Ice cream, July 2012

Ice cream, July 2012

A restaurant's trimmings, April 2012

A restaurant’s trimmings, April 2012

At the Brooklyn Flea Market, May 2012

At the Brooklyn Flea Market, May 2012

Stormy Williamsburg, July 2012

Stormy Williamsburg, July 2012

Williamsburg Bridge, April 2012

Williamsburg Bridge, April 2012

Sunset over Williamsburg Bridge, July 2012

Sunset over Williamsburg Bridge, July 2012


Spirited Street Art ~ Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Along a quiet stretch of N 10th Street in Williamsburg, between Roebling St and Union Ave, stands a bottle company.

Over a week ago, I noticed street artists painting different works along the factory’s side wall.

I’m always inspired by the dedication of streets artists given the impermanence of their medium. It was only a couple of days ago that I’d spotted the blemish of blue graffiti disrupting the red background on the work below. The next day, it was painted over and looked new again. (You might notice the damage to the left of the left wing)

Street artist, Gilf!, who painted the work above, coordinated a group of artists to paint these quirky works.

“I would like to affect major social and environmental change… Life is too short and the world too delicate to ignore the serious challenges we face as a global society,” she said earlier this year.*

Gilf! went to art school, focused on interior design, but turned to street art in 2008 as response to “being completely outraged by what was happening in the world.”

“I’m motived by all the apathetic, uninspired people. I want them to care. That’s why my work is on the street, approachable, and easy to understand.”

About the collection of works on N 10th street, she told Brooklyn Street Art recently: “It’s so rewarding to know that we’re positively influencing the community by doing what we love.”

Above: art by Veng (RWK).

Icy and Sot, from Iran, contributed the “Dream” work, above -an international dose of whimsy to an eclectic collection.

Above: art by Joe lurato

Below: art by Sophia Maldonado (enlarge the photo to see its details)

I mentioned in a previous post  that Howard Truman’s quote speaks to how I describe Williamsburg, personified:

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

This outdoor art exhibition, and the artists behind the works, is a grand example of that.

Above: art by Cake.

It’s my hope that this community spirit will be strong enough survive the neighborhood’s rapid ascent.

banner image includes art by LNY (left) and Joe Iuarto (right)

*It’s all Gilf | Rag & Bone Official Blog.

A Day for Ice Cream ~ Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream

~ Charles Baxter, The Feast of Love 

Today was hot and sweltering – a day when anything that felt frozen to the touch brought sweet relief.

As I hung out of the apartment window to watch a parade and its crowd pass by to the music of brass and drums, an ice cream cart stopped right below.

“A perfect day for ice cream,” I thought.

Fiery Sunset over NY ~ Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Success is like reaching an important birthday and finding you’re exactly the same

~ Audrey Hepburn

Success, birthdays, change: I’ll take it all with a good dose of champagne, and an attitude that I’m forever young.

It took one look out of my window to notice the huge ball of orange fire that was setting behind the Williamsburg Bridge – camera in hand, I sprinted up to the rooftop to photograph the sunset. It was as if the fiery shades of red and gold were a nod to the Leo star sign.

Williamsburg Bridge is to the right, and downtown Manhattan with its 1 World Trade Centre – to the left.

Loving Summer ~ Brooklyn, NYC

A life without love is like a year without summer ~ Swedish proverb

Wading through the think humidity that weighs down on Williamsburg, there’s sweet relief in looking up. Up at the leaves that provide shade, listening to their rustle as a breeze runs through them; up at the grey cotton ball clouds, set in formation against the iridescent colours of a NYC dusk.

The days of New York summer are hot, humid, and sensuous; they tease with thunderclouds while wrapping you up in a steamy embrace.

(above) Empire State Building seen from East River

(below) a coconut Italian ice to make the humidity more palatable

(below) Williamsburg Bridge joins Brooklyn to Manhattan. 1 World Trade Centre to the right

Urban Vs Natural ~ New York and California

I read some words today that I’ve been reflecting on ever since. You may read them here: mimokhair, Day 2, Vietnam

Energised by the built; energised by the wild. Constantly revved up by a kaleidoscope of impressions, versus quietly meditating on the infinite. Striving towards a balance.

The thoughts shared by the Native American on mimokhair’s post speak volumes about my love for city life, accompanied by the constant pull of the Pacific Ocean.

Looking towards the horizon from Heisler Park in Laguna Beach

View from my apartment building’s rooftop in Brooklyn, looking towards Manhattan. One World Trade Centre in NY’s downtown (background).