The Manhattan Tourist, NY

It’s fun being a tourist.

Everything that seems so ordinary at home suddenly takes on the extraordinary when experienced in new surroundings. There’s always an excuse to take yet another photo of a streetscape, the same landmark (twenty times over, from different angles), that artfully presented dish or the elaborately prepared cocktail.

Yet, after having indulged in such a fresh and exciting palate, a return to the routine might take on that stale feeling of ‘sameness’. That which you found fascinating over there doesn’t seem so fascinating here.

Luckily, inspiration is never far away especially when looking outwards with a pair of tourist-inspired eyes. Taking a break as a traveler in your own backyard is such a good way to rekindle a bit of that spark that naturally accompanies pleasure-travel.

Everything really does seem new again.

Enjoy these tourist snaps on a very warm and sunny day in 75F Manhattan.


Not a tourist.

Ubiquity on Broadway: yellow against Gray’s.

Daily subway reading.

Peter Woytuk’s art installation along Broadway

Break-time at Zabars

Taxis and delis on Broadway.

The corner shop deli.

Advertising mecca.

Birds. And another Peter Woytuk.

Delivery bikes.

Wrong way.

Globalisation in Greenwich.

A Village mainstay.

Seinfeld-ian roots.

Colour pops and patios.

Italian coffee and Fruta de Bosco at Cafe Dante.

Wall art.

Shadows and fire escapes.


Not basketball.

Pavement art.

Cushions, umbrellas, a tattoo?

Downtown dodging.