My Red October Factory, Moscow — Open Skies magazine, Emirates

I want to share my feature on Moscow’s Red October Factory with you. If you boarded an Emirates flight in October, you may have reached into the seat pocket and seen the article while reclining with the inflight magazine, Open Skies. If not, the pdf link is below.

This former chocolate factory in Moscow is a labyrinth filled with small business owners who are cooking, writing, silversmithing, photographing, partying, and eating. The article’s photos  were taken by Olya Ivanova, who has contributed to Monocle and PORT magazines.

Below, a few of my ipad snaps too. Enjoy!

The Street, Moscow — Open Skies October Issue, 2014

red october 2


View from Reka


electic Bikes


Bookshop of Brothers Lumiere

Gallery Lumiere


flower shopMenu at BontempiWriting at BontempimemorialMizandari Cafered october