Spreading the Love… ~ Africa

Scott Randall was one of the first bloggers I met when I set up my travel blog at the end of 2011. In this day and age, that makes us friends from way back, right?

Anyway, Scott takes amazing photos of wildlife, and today his photo captured my heart. Whether it was the look on the lion’s face, or the painterly effect… or maybe it’s because I am a Leo. Whatever it was, I had the immediate desire to spread the beauty of this image. Luckily, Scott gave me permission. And how apropos that it is Valentine’s Day.

It was hard for me to believe that Scott only started dabbling in photography a few years ago; he’d retired from a 32-year stint working in the Department of the Navy when he started learning the skill. To me, he’s a pro and meeting people like him makes me grateful for having joined the blogosphere.

Here’s Scott’s blog that was posted today on scottseyephotos.wordpress.com. Enjoy!

One of the things I love about photography is that you never know where or if you will find a treasured image – one that recalls the experience you had, the magic of the moment or the splendor of the subject.  Even in a place like Africa where the opportunities are endless, you never know if you will get that one “keeper”.  Even after you go through your photos a couple of times that treasure may still elude you.  

That kind of happened to me as I went through my Africa portfolio – there are MANY that I think are good photos and capture the moment well but I was hoping to get at least one that I could have printed professionally to put in our own living room.  It wasn’t until I started doing a first cut of post- processing on some of the photos that I stumbled upon this one that I really liked.

I had taken a photo of a male lion sitting in the grass of the Serengeti – the light wasn’t great and he wasn’t doing much but he had this very wispy mane that I liked.  I decided to see what it would be like as a simulated oil painting using some of the photoshop tools and came up with the image below.  I love the expression in the lion’s face and the way his mane translates into brush strokes…….  I  have sent this away to be printed and am anxiously awaiting its return – hopefully to become a treasured part of our living room decor.