Beauty along the US I10 ~ US Road Trip

The US I10 has been a constant companion on this road trip. From Florida and into Louisiana, across Texas and Arizona, it will finally see us through to our final destination point in California: LA.

As we travel West, the terrain becomes flatter; cactii make their appearance. The sky seems more expansive as we get closer to the Pacific Coast; the clouds are wispier, making grand sweeping gestures across the sky, highlighted by the painterly colours of the sunset. As night falls, stars flicker and twinkle, and surround a robust white moon that helps light the way with its glow.

I look forward to stopping at the highway’s rest points; not for the quality of coffee (nothing to write home about) but because of the photo opportunities, especially at sunset.

The images below are of a location somewhere between New Mexico and Arizona.


A Sunset, An Ocean ~ Panama City Beach, FL

For a town filled with white condominiums, amusement rides and seafood joints, Panama City Beach felt too quiet. I’m guessing it isn’t like that for long…

We traveled in the off-season through Florida’s Emerald Isle, s0 Panama City was a rest stop after about 800 miles of driving.

Awed by the iridescent pink sunset, later waking up to the meditative sound of lapping waves, we felt right at home in the ’70s pink-and-turquoise Casa Loma.

Sunset as we saw it from the highway heading into Florida

The beach-facing Casa Loma in Panama City Beach, FL

Gulf of Mexico, Panama City Beach, FL

A roadside breakfast

Fiery Sunset over NY ~ Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Success is like reaching an important birthday and finding you’re exactly the same

~ Audrey Hepburn

Success, birthdays, change: I’ll take it all with a good dose of champagne, and an attitude that I’m forever young.

It took one look out of my window to notice the huge ball of orange fire that was setting behind the Williamsburg Bridge – camera in hand, I sprinted up to the rooftop to photograph the sunset. It was as if the fiery shades of red and gold were a nod to the Leo star sign.

Williamsburg Bridge is to the right, and downtown Manhattan with its 1 World Trade Centre – to the left.

In Memory of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare’s birthday is traditionally celebrated today, 23rd April; he was born in the year 1564.*

His actual date of birth cannot be substantiated as back then, births were not formally registered and Birth Certificates were not produced. As it was customary for Elizabethan parents to baptise their children three days after their birth – there is record of Shakespeare’s baptism, dated 26th, at the Holy Trinity Parish Church in Stratford, England – his birthday has been guessed.

Incidentally, Shakespeare died on this very date – on 23rd April, 1616.

Sunset over Venice Beach

There was a star danced, and under that I was born ~ Much Ado About Nothing

The sun disappears. As seen from the Cadillac Hotel, Venice Beach


A Setting Star, Observed – Griffith Park, Los Angeles,CA

I have yet to see a sad sunset.

Sunsets are magical and awe-inspiring. Each paints horizontal brushstrokes of fire across a transitional sky that changes from ocean blue to pink to gold, and ultimately, star-speckled black.

Watching the sun set from an elevation of over 1,000-feet high, on a 36–degree viewing platform, imprinted a series of memorable moments on my mind.

Here is that progression, seen from one of California’s most loved landmarks, Griffith Observatory. Enjoy!


Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, LA.

Griffith Observatory.

A solar entrance.

LA sprawl.

The Astronomers Monument, on the right, pays homage to six of the greatest astronomers, including Galileo and Newton.

A hiking trail runs through it.

Greek Revival architecture.

In transit.

My devoted fellow traveler.

Telescope shadow.


Wild flora.

Colonel Griffith J. Griffith funded this landmark. Architect John C. Austin based the design on the preliminary sketches of Russell W. Porter in the early 1900s.

Coming full circle.

A kiss from the sun.

Cosmic inspiration.

One giant telescope…

… ideal for spotting planets.

A site in Rebel Without a Cause, starring James Dean.

The horizon, aglow.

A line of fire.

Glittery L.A.

An illuminated downtown.