Downtown LA Scenes ~ California

Oh LA, why do you keep trying to woo me back?

I know, I know… You’ve got the glorious Pacific Ocean. I agree, there’s really nothing better than starting the day with a glimpse of its sparkling blue, and inhaling its salty air. I hear you: the Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most awe inspiring drives as you head towards a tucked away Malibu. But then, you’ve got the idyllic Hollywood Hills; I would love to live in one of their Neutra designed homes, or anything modernist architecture for that matter.

In all honesty, I am sold on living in one of the beach fringing neighbourhoods – Venice Beach, or Santa Monica; in a cute little shack and a garden brimming with bougainvillea, red hibiscus, and some roses, too.

On the other hand, a little further inland, there’s that Brooklyn-esque vibe of your downtown area. I’ve been reading about its revival; less Skid Row, more loft and (unfortunately) condo. When I visited, about 2 months ago, the Arts District was alive: its graffiti-decorated streets fringed with manufacturing and lofted warehouses, punctuated by railway tracks of an industrial past. I loved the bustling dining culture with lively spots including Wurstkuche, Church & State, and an outpost of Urth Caffe. Simply say, “Urth’s green tea matcha soy milk latte,” and I’m there.

I’m steps closer to being wooed back, LA. Here’s one reason: a glimpse into the Arts District, and the area around Hewitt Street. Enjoy!

Molino Street Lofts

Line at Wurstkuche

Urth Caffe

Financial District in the background

51 thoughts on “Downtown LA Scenes ~ California

  1. Hi from wet, wet, wet Syders! – these images are gorgie’, Marina. Especially love the cacti against the no parking sign and the pink blossoms against the industrial grey… That pistachio-looking wee cake looks pretty delish’ too! 🙂

    • ohh, that green deliciousness was matcha tiramisu cake. It was lovely, but then again – everything at Urth Caffe is so good. One of the places I recommend to everyone. Sadly, no outpost in NYC! Happy you liked these ones 🙂 Just wanted to share another side to La-La-Land! Thanks Syders!

    • hi Roger – thank you, Glad you liked these photos. Hmmm, there’s so much to LA – so many neighbourhood’s. The Hollywood Hills is a world away from downtown LA, just as Santa Monica is from Beverly Hills. I like the sprawl and the climate – but it’s not for everyone! Thank you.

  2. Love these!

    “… a garden brimming with bougainvillea, red hibiscus, and some roses, too.” This is how I grew up in Miami. Makes me a little homesick 🙂

    Again I love the colorful buildings!

    • Thank you, I am happy you liked these. I do like Miami alot – I need to get down there soon! I can imagine that you would miss such a vibrant city. Hope you might reminisce about some great moments though. Thank you!

  3. I love your posts about California and especially the way you describe the place! 🙂 What made you leave LA and the Pacific Ocean and these gorgeous houses in the hills and those delicious cakes?? 🙂 Lively images as always 🙂

    • Work, Kristina – I left for a job! but I am ready to move back 😉 Glad you liked these photos – I enjoy when there’s a bit of colour and energetic vibe in a neighbourhood! Hope you visit the West Coast USA soon – I know you’ll love it!

  4. well done…………as always Marina. I love the sign ” Corporate violence for Sale” .
    I just got back from NYC and y
    ou are right there was a Kripsy Kreme @ Penn Station, I saw it and had to laugh and think about you
    Sometime we should “time share our places”, mine in California yours in NYC

  5. Hi Marina! What strkes me from your pictures is the sunshine. It has finally put in an appearance here today, the sun that is, but I think it would be the weather that would woo me to California. Lovely pictures. Urth Caffe looks to be a place worth visiting. 🙂

    • Thank you Gabriele – I’m sharing some LA photos from a few months ago. I mentioned to Barbara, who also commented on the eyes, that I photographed another pair in Venice Beach. I’ll tweet the pic now 🙂

  6. Strangely enough I have never been fascinated by LA, but your photos from the Arts District, make me want to reconsider my position. It’s a bunch a lovely photos and I really like the way you give be both and overview and a look at details. (By the way sorry for having been absent lately, I just haven’t had time to comment anything).

    • Hi Otto! You’ve been traveling and it’s great to have you back! I’m looking forward to your posts once again 🙂 LA is pretty fascinating in that you need to travel distances from Point A to Point B; the neighbourhoods are all so different. The Art District is gentrified and for the better – bringing people into an area that was in need of life. I’m glad to show you what’s happening there at the moment. This spot is not far away from Gehry’s Walt Disney Hall – just shows you how many areas there are in downtown LA! Thanks for taking a look!

  7. I see an awful lot of great reasons to set up camp out West here Marina..loving all the vibrancy in these shots! Of course, there is no match for New York (for me) but the allure of the warmth and the ocean is very strong I am sure! Awesome post! 🙂

    • Hi Shimon, Glad you took a look. it’s not what i typically thought of re: LA but now that I’ve seen the change, I realise how similar the larger cities can be. I’m looking forward to visiting the gentrifying neighbourhoods in Sydney! Thank you 🙂

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