Just Go: St. Petersburg, Russia

If you haven’t been to St Petersburg, I encourage you – and even those vaguely interested – to get up and go. National Geographic Traveler recently named the city a top spot to “see now” based on the increased problem of flooding that affects a low-lying downtown. While this is a sound reason, and flood-control precautions are in place, it’s a beautiful city to visit just for the richness of culture. Travel for travel’s sake.

In my opinion, any time is a good time to go, but you’ll be able to fit in more during summer’s White Nights.

I wrote the following itinerary for The Daily Telegraph but please let me know if you’re planning a trip! The best things to do in four days in St Petersburg | DailyTelegraph

St Isaac's Cathedral

8 thoughts on “Just Go: St. Petersburg, Russia

    • Dear Cornelia, I do recommend summer. The parks are green, many locals are enjoying the sunshine after a cold winter, and darkness only falls past midnight (so expect a lot of sightseeing with little rest, which is a small price to pay on a trip to this city). I traveled in July last year and it was very warm. You might try the months directly before and after as the temperature is more comfortable. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help. Just let me know!

  1. We visited St Petersburgh in August 2015 and the weather glorious and all the parks and gardens were a riot of colours. Th city was a wonderful place to visit. In fact an incredible city
    I would recommend it to every one as a must visit place.
    Surendra Nigam

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