In Union Square ~ New York City

Saturday. Crossing 14th Street, headed north. Broadway to the left, Park Avenue to the right. The honk of yellow cabs bleeping all round; photographing construction workers balancing atop complicated looking scaffolding.

Directly ahead, along the western side of the Park, buzzes the nucleus of Union Square – the local Greenmarket. Walking through the hubbub: a hodgepodge of colours, sights, and smells swirls in, under, and around the white tent-topped stalls. Inhaling the scent of fresh rosemary and basil; marveling at the bright reds, yellows, and greens of odd shaped heirloom tomatoes; brightening at the sight of glorious sunflowers; navigating a greens-filled grocery bag clutching crowd, and wondering how anyone could crave a hot roasted corn on the cob in this 85% humidity, 85 degree summer weather.

Finally, exiting the other side, where things get back to normal. Watching mini golf being played on the sidewalk; dodging those noisy yellow cabs; spotting giant red balloons. That’s pretty normal for NYC, right?



45 thoughts on “In Union Square ~ New York City

  1. This is such a fun part of town. Your street photos are great. You have a knack for finding some of New York’s characters which make this town special. We often found ourselves back in Union Square for one reason or another. I loved wandering through the markets and on another occasion we ate at Union Square Cafe!

  2. I remember being in Union Square, with my wife, and eating at the Union Grill ( I think). It was late December and there was an unseasonal heatwave. We were in T shirts in December. We flew back to the UK next day where we read in the papers that NY had just been hit by an ice storm!

    • Wow, when was that Roger? I did take some photos of the Blue Water Grill – I think that’s the spot you mean. It’s a great area, and the balcony of that restaurant has prime view of Union Square.

  3. I like the second photo in particular, the composition: 3 + 2 + 3 workers and the lines of the structures gives some special effect to it. It really works for me πŸ™‚
    The one with the girl on red high heels is really nice too, street fashion photography!

  4. You’re doing an excellent job in documenting the NYC streets, Marina! This is such a vibrant place, full of life and character. The red balloon shot is delicious. But I also like free bees πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much! I am glad you noticed the “free bees.” They really were having a field day on those sunflowers. I had to dodge that area from fear of being stung πŸ˜‰ I appreciate your comment – made me smile wide on this Saturday!

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