A Centennial Celebration: Thank You!

WordPress says I have written 99 posts, making this my 100th. Wow ~ 100 posts!? It sounds like a lot, but when I work it out – one post every two days – it makes sense.

To celebrate, I would like to dedicate my #100 to those lovely bloggers who have nominated me for awards. (I am a little overdue.)

Thank you to In Search of Perfect and Random Sights and Diversions for nominating me for the Versatile Bloggers Award, Red Pants And a Mustache for the 7×7 Link Award, and Third Eye as well as Vidal’s NYC for nominating me for the Sunshine Award.

The blogosphere is such a supportive community and we are shown this time and time again,  either by pressing ‘like’, or bleaving a comment, or simply offering feedback. All of these connections means someone has taken the time to stop and look, in turn leaving some of themselves behind. I am so appreciative of that.

I’d like to share some posts that have inspired me recently and award them respectively. Thank you again.

Versatile Blogger Award

Ms Sydney Life’s love for Sydney, NZ… well, the world really.. is woven through this artful blog. This post was a lovely reminder to pause, to pay our respects, and be thankful: An Introduction to ANZAC Day from a Kiwi Living in Australia « This Sydney Life.

A wonderful blog filled with architecture and design. This was my first time seeing the new MCA in Sydney, Australia. I like it! Museum of Contemporary Arts | Sydney « +.

I had a moment last week when I just needed a laugh, so I was reminded of this blogger’s motto, and I, well, laughed. Traveling with Laughter on a Sunday Morning | TravelWithLaughter.

This passionate photographer, who I have been following ever since I started a blog, gets published. No wonder – his nature shots are excellent! Yikes, I’m Published! « scottseyephotos.

The word ‘bubliki’ got me as I haven’t heard that Russian word in ages. Russian Friday – Bubliki « While Chasing Kids.

Scenes from a market in Nice during the springtime. Ahhhh. Marché de printemps « Eric Benoist.

7×7 Link Award

This great post inspired a lot of comments: The World Doesn’t Need Another Ansel Adams | Münchow’s Creative Photo Blog.

I’m enjoying going this blog’s archive for its exceptional photography and a quick wit; it’s a treat to catch a glimpse of life in the French countryside. White magic | Camerahols / Food, Photography & France.

This blog marries motivation and dedication to a love of travel and writing. Go East! | Cosy Travels of the Viking and his Kitten.

Need a gift idea or some inspiration? Scroll through this blog of lovely things. Design: Alessi « White Cabana.

Sunshine Blogger Award

I love the sun, but did anyone see the Super Moon last night? It was cloudy and foggy in NYC, so I turned to these blogs for spectacular views. Check out these images:

Japan: 149 « mozuqu noir.

Serbia: full moon over belgradestreets | belgradestreets.

Australia: Day 199 – Super Moon | cindymccauley.

Always inspiring, this is a blog full of happiness and reminders to enjoy life’s moments.  Not So Fast | in pursuit of more.