Seasonal Details – Brooklyn, NY

If we only walk on sunny days, we’ll never reach our destination ~ Paulo Coehlo


When greens and reds fill in winter’s blueprint. When it’s bright and sunny one day; overcast, humid, and sticky – the next. It’s when Williamsburg takes on a sense of the tropics. For me, this is reminiscent of holiday time in Fiji, just without the stretches of beach, the rainforest, and waterfalls. It’s a nice way of being. I like it.

I never really used to notice nor commit to memory the organic changes brought about by the seasons (so defined in the Northern Hemisphere); that changed once I started carrying around my camera. It’s as if by documenting the details I feel the season more.

Here are some of today’s scenes embedded in my photographic memory. I hope you enjoy!


The return of the ivy covered wall. I love nature’s elegant way of elevating the beauty of brick-and-mortar.

Manhattan Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Streets are lined with window boxes and blooms.

The vibrant hues of their flowers make me think: pop art.

Where the ground was once bare or covered in leaves, spring brings with it fields of green. These may be weeds but their prettiness makes the walk home a lot lovelier.

A patterned fence: random yellow art makes me smile. It’s so much more pleasant to pause, appreciate, and photograph on these warm days.

Bikes are a big part of the Brooklyn lifestyle; recently, they seem to have trebled in number.

These jellyfish splotches are emblematic of spring for me; I have photographed them all around the ‘hood in the past few months.

Another seasonal symbol – the red rose; these flowers are thriving all over at this time of the year….

…as are hydrangeas. These ones are so squat, round, and blue hued.

Hot days mean sitting outdoors…

…  which means more reason to dine out.

There is one constant throughout the seasons however, and that is the neighbourhood’s rotating street art.

Cheeky and colourful, it’s Always Sunny in Williamsburg, no matter the time of year.