Spending Sunday in Bed-Stuy ~ Brooklyn, NY

Bedford-Stuyvesant is a neighbourhood located in Brooklyn – a 10 minute car drive from Williamsburg’s waterfront; a 30 minute subway ride to Manhattan. Known in short as Bed-Stuy, it’s made up of 4 neighbourhoods, 2 of which are called: Bedford and Stuyvesant Heights.

An area that Wikipedia describes as the Harlem of Brooklyn (in the 30’s, the construction of a subway line between Harlem and Bedford caused many African Americans to move here given more affordable housing), Bed-Stuy has been undergoing gentrification since early 2000.

The recent construction of modern apartments in cookie-cutter design makes it all the more easy to appreciate the rows of beautiful brownstones along Bed-Stuy’s quiet and shaded-with-green side streets. Though I couldn’t tell you where Mike Tyson, Jay-Z, and Norah Jones lived, nor Frank McCourt, Lenny Kravitz, and Chris Rock for that matter, it’s fun to know that you’re walking in footsteps of the famous.

Yes, quite a large number of celebs hail from this part of town. Enjoy!