Brooklyn, at Night ~ NY

Greenpoint is located minutes away from Williamsburg. By day, it is a bustling neighbourhood with a distinct Polish influence. You’ll see the young and old; generations live alongside families, newly moved in.

Bakeries, cafes, delicatessens, butcher shops, and apparel stores line its main street, which leads to a waterfront with direct views overlooking the Empire State, and the United Nations buildings.

By night, its streets are quiet, for the crowds have migrated into its many restaurants and bars to partake in some late night eating and drinking.

It’s an added bonus to listen to live music played by passionate musicians. Pictured in this series, the Cereal Hero Killers performing at Matchless. Think Nirvana, crossed with Motley Crue, with a bit of Guns n Roses. These tunes brought back memories of when I played music on tape.

PS This was a good time to practice on my 35mm in low light situations. While I wasn’t expecting amazing results on my first go, I think the lens proves how able it is in the dark!


Once in a Blue Moon….