Day Of The Dead, El Paso, Texas

When my husband and I drove from NY to LA, we stopped in the Texan town of El Paso, from where you can see people crossing the Santa Fe Bridge over Rio Bravo, into Mexico. It’s a gorgeous “little” big town and we had a great time exploring. We stayed in the 1917 Camino Real Hotel with its spectacular Tiffany glass dome, breakfasted on custard-filled croissants and deli coffee from Blue Seal Bakery, and later, feasted on meat-filled tacos at L&J Cafe. Those tacos were really, really good.

In between, we managed to squeeze in a visit to the El Paso Museum of Art, where we saw works by local artists and American Impressionists. Never one to miss a museum store, my eyes darted to its selection of Mexican handicrafts, coffee table books, and handmade jewelry. Which is when I happened upon a mariachi band sculpture with miniature musicians dressed in Halloween costumes. Upon closer inspection, I realised they were celebrating The Day of the Dead. I loved it; I bought it.

That was two years ago. I am transported every time I look over at my little mariachi band on the bookshelf, to that sunny day, to the music on the streets, to the mountains in the distance, to a slower pace of life.




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