Moscow! Moscow!

Dear bloggers, dear readers,

In less than a week I am Moscow-bound. I’m off to meet my mama in the motherland. It’s been over a decade between visits; a time when mum and I travelled to experience hot White Nights rather than freezing snow-white days.

I recently read in a travel magazine that “in Moscow, inaccessibility equals exclusivity… But the effort you have to invest usually pays off…” Given its subzero temperatures, I am hoping to lessen the effort a tad, so I’m hungry for your travel tips. What is inaccessible? What is exclusive? I want to find the best cafes — any ideas? Where can I eat the most delicious borscht? What are the new must-see galleries? Do you have a favourite Metro station? Is there a Christmas market?

The way back to LA will be via Dubai for a few days — would love your advice too because it’s been, well, a decade between trips to the UAE…

Below is a recent image of Moscow… I’m gearing up to brave the freeze…

inMoscowHeader image credit:


22 thoughts on “Moscow! Moscow!

  1. Развлекайся, Марина! Я очень люблю Mоскву. К сожалению, я провела там толькo выходные, так что только знаю самые туристическиe места. Все-таки, я рекомендую найти грузинский ресторан пока ты будешь там!

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