If You Can Picture It: The Getty Center ~ LA, CA

“… the Museum at the Getty Center, opened in 1997, continues to solidify the Getty’s position as one of the nation’s leading art museums, welcoming well over one million visitors each year with a wide range of experiences, from innovative exhibitions to inspiring programs for families and students, as well as brilliantly installed displays of our permanent collection.”

~ GettyΒ  Museum

Up in the Santa Monica Mountains stands the Getty Center — more a beacon of white than an imposing structure. I see it near-daily from the end of our street, and for months it has been beckoning us to visit. Finally we made the time.

The most beautiful thing about this museum is its juxtaposing architectural details — sleek stark-white surfaces soothe even if they’re a little rough around the edges; the design is at once futuristic, modernist, and timeless; the verdant palatial grounds echo Versailles yet fondly embrace California’s wild flora.

Here, the sum is greater than its parts.


19 thoughts on “If You Can Picture It: The Getty Center ~ LA, CA

  1. As an Angelino, I love The Getty not just for its artwork but also for the memories the place holds for me. My boyfriend’s favorite painting is Van Gough’s “Irises”, which is housed at The Getty. As I looked at the piece next to him, I couldn’t help but thinking that thanks to The Getty, no matter where we are (together or not) in fifty years, “Irises” will still be safe in The Getty, and because of that, so will our memories. –Sarah from http://www.locallookingglass.wordpress.com , http://www.facebook.com/locallookingglass

  2. Glorious. Totally absorbing post filled with pictures, the details in which took me an age to absorb. I would love to visit and that’s rare for me to say. It’s funny, but the more I see Giacometti’s work, the less I like it. The very small pieces work for me….maybe the one you’ve shown is a very small piece. Oh goo, I shouldn’t have started that….:)

    • Thanks Roger — glad I could whisk you away for a bit and I hope you visit LA and the Getty πŸ™‚ As for the tall piece of art by Giacometti — in context, it really works (that’s just my opinion). The museum’s sum is greater than its parts.

  3. Wow! I’ve been there about 4 years ago and nothing looks familiar. Maybe its the amazing pics
    Sorry I havent commented here in a while. Hope your move went smooth Marina.

    • Hi Ziggy! I was there four years ago and because it was during winter, the garden was not in bloom. maybe that’s why it looks different? It’s great to hear from you πŸ™‚

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