My San Antonio Top 5, Texas ~ Road Trip Series, Part 5

A few months ago, I passed through San Antonio in Texas. The bad news is that because we were on a cross country road trip, we’d only managed to stay overnight, and half of the next day. The good news is that this made it easy for me to scribe my top 5. This list is adapted from the etchings of my memory. Enjoy!

# 5  The San Antonio Museum of Art: I love to visit museums, and especially appreciate those with manageable, and varied, collections of antiquities, paintings, and sculpture.

Wreath of laurel leaves and berries - Greek, 4th -1st Century BC

Wreath of laurel leaves and berries – Greek, 4th -1st Century BC

Torso of a Woman, and Marcus Aurelius - Roman AD 140-150

Torso of a Woman, and Marcus Aurelius – Roman AD 140-150


"Double Scramble" (1968 by American, Frank Stella

“Double Scramble” (1968 by American, Frank Stella

# 4 Stopping by The Alamo: it’s the site of heroism and freedom encapsulated.



DSC_0979PS# 3 Lunching is always a highlight. Luckily in Texas they eat big… This spot is located along the city’s famed Riverwalk.




DSC_0962PSDSC_0970PSDSC_0963PSDSC_0955PS# 2 Sleeping like a baby in the haunted Emily Morgan hotel.

*Legend has it that Emily Morgan is the Yellow Rose of Texas. She was a Texan spy that helped distract the Mexican president as Texians staged an attack and paved the way towards independence.

DSC_0932PSDSC_0931PSDSC_0933PSDSC_0925PS# 1 Being greeted to the warmest day since we left New York City in October, 2012. Wide quiet streets, palms, flowers, and the warm sun couldn’t have been more of a contrast to the weather we had left behind in the Big Apple. It felt good.



26 thoughts on “My San Antonio Top 5, Texas ~ Road Trip Series, Part 5

  1. Gorgeous pictures Marina. I love the way you always include some food shots that never fail to make me feel hungry. The light has a lovely quality giving such lovely bright, clean, crisp images. Smashing post!

  2. Beautiful, colorful, tasteful! I love the museum shots, the Texas one, the last two photos. And your food pics are perfect, as always. 🙂

  3. You have captured San Antonio so beautifully in these images. So lively and colourful. My favourite picture is the one with the lady sitting by the Riverwalk.

  4. I love this city! It’s been years since I have been there but it has such a wonderful vibe and the Rverwalk on a warm day is such a pleasure.
    Your visual stories are beautiful and full of life, Marina!

  5. Beautiful photo tour again, Marina! I was in San Antonio on a business trip for a couple of weeks a few years back, but I was so busy working that I only made it to the Riverwalk and a few other restaurants.

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