Setting Resolutions ~ Santa Monica, CA

Have you set yours? Perhaps after looking at the sunset on the horizon, you might get inspired.

Happy New Year, dear readers ~ 2012 has been one good blogging year for us! *imagine a chorus of “cheers,” and clinks of champagne flutes*

Looking over the Malibu

Looking over the Malibu


Santa Monica Pier





38 thoughts on “Setting Resolutions ~ Santa Monica, CA

  1. Beautiful Marina, have to get used to different images from you than from N.Y.! Check out the Annenberg Space of Photography, google it, It has always very significant photo expos, right up your alley,it is @ Century Plaza. Also they have every thursday night what it is called “Iris Night” lectures and presentations from well known photographers and it is FREE! I used to go there a lot, but it is kind of far for me from San Clemente, but absolutely woth it!!!! WIsh you a Happy New Year, successful and creative what ever you are doing. Well wishes from Cornelia

  2. Marina these shots are stunning!! They bring back so many memories, how lucky you are for all these wonderful travel and life experiences! Hope you had a marry Christmas and all the nest for 2013, can’t wait to see what you have for us 🙂

  3. It has been an amazing blogging year. These are beautiful pictures Marina. I hope you have a fabulous 2013. I’m looking forward to finding out how your projects develop. I think you’re going to have an amazing year. 🙂

  4. a full list of resolutions 🙂 Hopefully I will have enough time and strength to do all I want 🙂 Gorgeous sunset, a true inspiration for a new beginning 🙂

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