Chinatown at Night ~ Los Angeles, CA

As still as a movie set done with the day’s shooting, so stands LA’s Chinatown at 8pm.

Until you get to Yang Chow’s…

Behind it’s shaded glass facade, the restaurant’s interior exudes enough life to reenergise what has since languished outside.

Menu highlight: crispy fried duck. A tasty spin on the traditional.

26 thoughts on “Chinatown at Night ~ Los Angeles, CA

  1. Great pictures, Marina. I love the first one with the lanterns, really beautiful. I also really like the one with the red menu and the cup with red drink or whatever it is. And I have to admit I have always enjoyed spending time in Chinatowns wherever they may be.

    • Thanks so much Otto for your comment – you’ve made my morning! Yes, that is Chinese tea in front of the menu. I am always wary of having the subject behind an out of focus object in the foreground as I feel it could be distracting – any advice around this? I also love spending time in Chinatowns – they are a common part of large cities but all look so unique.

      • Most of the time is probably better to have the background out of focus than the foreground, but I don’t believe in rules to be followed strictly. In this case it’s just the right thing to do, the way you used the limited depth of field. In my opinion.

      • Thanks for your feedback 🙂 I also thought so as it didn’t distract me too much – the out of focus cup. It doesn’t work for me on other occasions though – I guess it is case by case. I am glad you liked it – gives me confidence in my eye 🙂

  2. Crispy fried duck is always my first choice 🙂 I also wanted to say that your photos are absolutely lovely, love your compositions, simple, but captivating! You are becoming a professional! 🙂

    • Hi K! You and I have same taste in food! I have never tried it like that before and think it is a great way to cook the duck. Thank you so much for your compliment about the photography. While I could hardly say I am professional, I am a very happy amateur 🙂 Many thanks!

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