Sunset on Melrose ~ Los Angeles, California

The LA sun sets early, and night falls quickly. 90F days give way to 72F evenings – and it’s November! This is my kind of town and I just love being here.

A perfect conclusion to a road trip for the books. I look forward to sharing more detailed posts soon.

For now, I’m leaving you with two scenes from LA, taken at 4pm today.

“Sunset on Melrose”

“Not New York”


32 thoughts on “Sunset on Melrose ~ Los Angeles, California

  1. No, not New York. I love the sound of those temperatures Marina. I’m so glad that you have arrived safely. Happy House Warming! Looking forward to your posts from this new chapter! πŸ™‚

  2. I love Melrose and all the funky shops. I didn’t realize you were in LA. I would have invited you to Charles Flemings monthly Secret stairs walk. We saw Grand Park downtown, a new development and the designer of Grand Park gave a talk. Then my friends and I went to Olvera street and ate. They had Day of the dead celebrations with dancers and mariachis. Went in a museum with Day of the Dead artwork. We took the red line there and back. A full day. I will post later to my blog.

    • Melrose is cool and has added a few new shops since i was here earlier in the year! we only arrived a few days ago and are busy with a few things – so stair walking may have to wait until late Nov or Dec. When we’re settled, will definitely let you know! Thanks so much Karen!

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