Highway Cacti ~ Arizona, USA

Changes in landscape are so distinct from state to state in the USA – I’ve noticed this especially in my recent travels across the southern (from east to west) parts of the country.

From the rusty reds and yellow hues of Washington DC’s fall foliage, to the grand arched branches of Charleston’s live oaks, to the dramatic sunsets of Texas that form a fiery backdrop to its shrub covered flats; the effect of nature on one’s impression of a place is so pronounced.

One of my favourite landscape vistas on this trip was while driving through Arizona. Heading from Sedona towards Phoenix, gently undulating mountains frame the highway as far as the eye can see, their slopes punctuated with dozens and dozens of columnar catci. It was tough to get a sharp photo from a moving car so I leave this scene to your imagination. “Wild” is an initial thought that popped into my mind.

Below are a few images taken at a rest stop in Black Canyon City, AZ.Β  Enlarge and look into the background of the first image – you might see multiples of what in reality are giant polyp-like succulents.

Prickly Pear Cactus


17 thoughts on “Highway Cacti ~ Arizona, USA

  1. Are you there yet? I noticed that state distinct landscape thing when I travelled in the US and the sheer size of the place but you would have been used to that from growing up in Australia. These cacti are amazing. Nice post Marina.

    • Yes, in LA and loving it. Hot weather and space – so much space! The size is just like Australia, but the landscape changes here are so distinct. It’s unbelievable and reason enough to drive across the country πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    • Hi!! The skies were beautiful and the days were warm in the sun. As soon as I hit shade, I cooled down quickly. Such a memorable place! Ahhh, is that what those cacti are called – thank you!

  2. These cacti look so cheerful happily sitting in the sunshine! The sky is unbelievable; we never get that here in London πŸ™‚ Maybe somewhere in South West England like Cornwall πŸ™‚

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