Beauty along the US I10 ~ US Road Trip

The US I10 has been a constant companion on this road trip. From Florida and into Louisiana, across Texas and Arizona, it will finally see us through to our final destination point in California: LA.

As we travel West, the terrain becomes flatter; cactii make their appearance. The sky seems more expansive as we get closer to the Pacific Coast; the clouds are wispier, making grand sweeping gestures across the sky, highlighted by the painterly colours of the sunset. As night falls, stars flicker and twinkle, and surround a robust white moon that helps light the way with its glow.

I look forward to stopping at the highway’s rest points; not for the quality of coffee (nothing to write home about) but because of the photo opportunities, especially at sunset.

The images below are of a location somewhere between New Mexico and Arizona.

28 thoughts on “Beauty along the US I10 ~ US Road Trip

  1. What stunning colours – and I love that one at the bottom where the sky is reflected in the glass: even that dark spot where the crack is seems to link to the black of the pylons. Very clever!

    • Good coffee is far and few between on the road. The best recently was the in-room coffee I made while in Sedona! Skies are beautiful out here and I am sending wishes for some blue out your way too. thanks Karen!

  2. I have really enjoyed your road trip posts. Every time the mail arrives in telling me you posted I bookmark it and try and get to it within a couple of days but life is getting in the way and I just wanted to let you know they are wonderful.

    • Thanks so much Brendan – that means alot. I tried to be diligent about posting a little snippet of each destination on the road trip… and since arriving in LA, life has also demanded my attention. Hoping to write more detailed posts about each city we visited soon! I am glad that you’re reading and appreciating – it’s definitely a compliment coming from you 🙂 Thanks again!

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