A Sunset, An Ocean ~ Panama City Beach, FL

For a town filled with white condominiums, amusement rides and seafood joints, Panama City Beach felt too quiet. I’m guessing it isn’t like that for long…

We traveled in the off-season through Florida’s Emerald Isle, s0 Panama City was a rest stop after about 800 miles of driving.

Awed by the iridescent pink sunset, later waking up to the meditative sound of lapping waves, we felt right at home in the ’70s pink-and-turquoise Casa Loma.

Sunset as we saw it from the highway heading into Florida

The beach-facing Casa Loma in Panama City Beach, FL

Gulf of Mexico, Panama City Beach, FL

A roadside breakfast

24 thoughts on “A Sunset, An Ocean ~ Panama City Beach, FL

  1. Lovely pictures. I have memories of waking up in a Florida hotel to the sound of the waves lapping the shore in the Gulf of Mexico.. Beautiful. And as for those road side breakfasts.. the best part of a US road trip! Enjoy Marina.

    • That’s so good that you know the feeling I was evoking through the words. it’s a lovely one šŸ™‚ and happy you had a similar experience. Waffle House ad pretty good food too! Thank you!

  2. We ate at a Waffle King for the first time in Arkansas. The waffles were good, but when we left we saw the waffle maker and it was filthy. Never again. šŸ™‚
    Hope you’re not in the path of Hurricane Sandy!

    • Waffle King and Waffle House – are they different places? This Waffle House was clean and the people – so friendly! We are actually in Texas now so quite a distance from the East šŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much fergiemoto. The first time I was longing for a highway stop, so I could get out of the car and capture what was unfolding through the car window. I am so glad to have caught this sunset – one of the most beautiful I have seen.

  3. I just had a nice little distraction. I’m at work and the office is a little bit cool. Your pictures were beautiful to look at and I could almost feel the warm sunshine.

    • I am glad to provide a sunny distraction. In Florida, it was chilly in the night but very warm in the day. LA is going through some kind of heat wave here – 90F yesterday and 85+F today. Such distinct temps from opposite sides of the country. Thank you!

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  5. awww the beach looks amazing and so refreshing!! I’d love to sit there now and read a book instead of sitting in the stuffy office: D and what a gorgeous sunsets! I always cherish sunsets; they are something that I never get board of šŸ™‚

    • I am glad I whisked you away from the office cubicle for a bit šŸ™‚ I love sunsets too – it was exactly like that. the photo came like this, with its colours, right off the camera. Amazing isn’t it? I think Charleston and Florida have the most glorious sunsets. Fiery ones even! šŸ™‚

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