Morning Musings ~ Charleston, SC

Curled wisps of Spanish moss, draped over the branches of statuesque cypress, swaying back and forth; the wind in the willows. Inhaling the heady scent of jasmine mixed with freshly cut grass; stopping to linger for a full embrace.

An abundance of glistening green surrounding me – the leaves of palms, camellia and azalea bushes awake, washed, and polished by the rain’s droplets. A herd of sheep grazing on the manicured lawns of the gardens at Middleton Place; their bleats at a minimum during the breakfast hour, looking up at times to pose for a photograph.

At the backdrop: a plush of green and brown marsh grasses stretching to infinity, meeting with the grey cloud cover at a line of the horizon.

This is the Charleston I was greeted with in the morning, and it is the image I leave with of this charming historic city.

In the Mill, looking over the gardens of Middleton Place

Sheep in the gardens; marsh in the far distance

Camellia flower

Spanish moss over willow oaks


35 thoughts on “Morning Musings ~ Charleston, SC

    • hi Scott! It is a beauty and you’re lucky to have experienced it in depth. I’m looking forward to a lengthier return. We had the coconut layer cake – oh wow. Richness! Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! Washington DC was such a quick trip but I look forward to returning, and will write more about it. Charleston is a contrast, and I just loved being in such natural surrounds. The US has so much to offer πŸ™‚

    • It was a funny story actually! When I first saw the sheep, I thought: “Wow, I cannot believe there are sheep grazing without supervision!” and got all photo-happy. After I had walked away, the herd ran right past me… I heard the crack of the whip… Seems the sheep had escaped their stables (attached to the gardens) and so they got into a bit of trouble. I was so happy to have seen them though! Thank you!

    • Thank you Karen! I walked into a magical garden – that’s how I felt when this world opened up to be from a walk through some wild greenery. It really made my day and has left a lasting impression of what I fell in love with about Charleston. Your camera would LOVE this area. Hope you might visit. Thank you!

    • My pleasure Rene. It took me a while to get here too, and though it was for a short time, it will always be remembered… and revisited. We stayed away from downtown, and were surrounded by the nature in the photos. It’s an ideal way to see Charleston for the first time. Hope you get there soon! Thank you!

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Charleston. I have a friend who absolutely loves it there. She has been to visit there a couple of times. Another friend of mine has a brother who lives there and she thinks it’s a boring place to drive. Nothing but trees along the highway. She says not a variety of things. But you certainly found a variety of things.

    • Hi Karen! Once you get off the highway, you find beautiful plantation grounds, manicured gardens, and a downtown area that is cute but made more interesting for the historic houses that surround it. It’s a spot well worth visiting and to be honest, the oaks with Spanish moss are one of my favourite things about the South. Thanks!

    • Roger, that was in fact a pathway. Everything is wider and more grand when you move South. The Plantation homes with their porches – don’t get me started! It’s grand and beautiful. Thanks!

  2. Such a charming place πŸ™‚ Sometimes I imagine that maybe one day I will end up somewhere like this, lovely countryside, growing my own lavender and making my home made remedies: D

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