Road Trippin’ via Raleigh, NC

Driving along stretches of highway has given me a distinct feeling of de-ja-vu; I’m reminded of when I was a kid, driving up Australia’s East Coast with the family over the summer holidays. I’d stare out the window at the repetitive landscape – green tree after hill after green tree; a pattern broken either by a bridge crossing or farmland speckled with livestock: grazing sheep, dozing cows, and roaming horses.

Despite a difference in age, taste, and destination, road trips have a distinct feel. Of course, some things do change over time…

The 2Day station that used to play on the FM car radio has been replaced with an organised MP3 playlist; the highway lunch is no longer a McDonalds cheeseburger and sundae, but a Wendy’s salad and large coffee; the GPS has long superseded the UBD street directory, which used to be a staple in the side door pocket of dad’s car. I remember tracing the roads with my finger, tracking our progress towards Queensland’s Gold Coast. Now, I just key the correct address into the smartphone and ensure I keep up with what the navigation system is telling me (not so easy).

Sitting in a 2 seater is not dissimilar to sharing a car with 5 others. I am still crammed with stuff underfoot – at the moment it happens to be by bags filled with technology, and not a backpack jammed with can’t-live-without-them toys and books.

Probably the biggest difference in being an adult on a road trip, versus a kid, is that I have most of the control over the itinerary. Setting aside the amusement park rides for the time being, right now it’s all about arts and culture, dining, a bit of history, and experiencing the beautiful nature of the USA.

Because you just never know when I might be sitting behind the wheel of that family wagon.

The Prayer ~ Auguste Rodin. At the North Carolina Museum of Art

Iris Restaurant at the North Carolina Museum of Art


31 thoughts on “Road Trippin’ via Raleigh, NC

    • Hi Jenny! No news yet – need my peaceful time for a little longer πŸ™‚ The restaurant is definitely one I can see you visiting when in N.Carolina. It;s a lovely area of the US if you get the chance! Thanks!

  1. I enjoyed your comparison in this post Marina. Some things may have changed but the essence of the road trip remains.. lots of miles to be covered in the best way possible. πŸ™‚

  2. You make a very interesting comparison of then and now. I still use maps, but except for that, my situation is much like yours. I have an MP3 player in my car, and enjoy most of the pleasures of modern technology. I would say, that the biggest difference for me, is that there are a lot more cars on the road than there were when I was a young man, and this makes driving less of a pleasure with traffic jams a frequent bother. Sometimes, I choose to drive at night just to avoid the traffic jams. And of course, now the law insists that I wear a safety belt, which I just can’t stand… Interesting pictures… and some very interesting thoughts. Thank you Marina.

    • Thanks so much Shimon – it is fun to use map books and at times I think we’d have more control than relying on the route chosen by the GPS. That said,. The GPS has been very good to deal with, especially when making spontaneous decisions to go somewhere, or taking a wrong turn and needing to be rerouted. We have hit the traffic jams and they don’t bode well with my husband, the driver. Driving at night is much easier, and time is well spent that way.

  3. Marina! Our family adores road trips and as much as I liked them when I was young, they are night and day as an adult! We love setting out in our family car and hitting the road with some great music. Truth be told I get a lot of inspiration in those hours on the road! Have fun!

    • it is day and night, but there is the underlying ‘feeling;’ I get from the road trip that has the sense of familiar. I’ve had many de-ja-vu moments and love that. inspiration from the road – I hear ya! I agree! Love that so much and it is quite meditative. A nice break. Thank you!

    • Hi Laura! Thanks for letting me know this cool news as I sit here in the hotel parking lot, because my hotel room is too far away from the modem in the front office!! I am determined to get a post published on charleston πŸ˜‰ Where can I see the recommended blog notification? Thanks again! Road trippin is fun!

      • That’s great you are past it.
        I’m in Utah. We got a snowstorm last week that is headed to the east coast as well. I used to live in Pennsylvania. Glad I’m not there right now.
        Enjoy the rest of your trip. I’m sure there will be more postings along the way!

      • Utah, a place on my to do list πŸ™‚ Yes,watching TV in New Orleans now and it makes me also appreciate what the people here had to go through at the time of Katrina and Isaac. Keep warm fergiemoto!

  4. Nice write up Marina πŸ™‚ Some things change and some don’t πŸ™‚ But the technology has really developed since we were kids πŸ™‚ It seems that you had a great road trip πŸ™‚ I am going to catch up with your posts πŸ™‚ We recently moved flat and that sadly means no internet connection, so I am sneaking into your blog while at work πŸ™‚

    • Oh no K, you cannot get WiFi at your apartment? Is that a UK thing? We also have moved into a new place and I love it. I have a patio and just bought a table and chairs so I can enjoy coffee out there. Hope your move went well? Glad you could catch up on my posts!! Thanks πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, it’s the UK thing, you have to have a phone line to get the internet sorted, and I think the people who lived in the flat before us, haven’t paid or something like that. So the line has been cut off and now the engineers have to come in and reinstall things and that takes ages in the UK 😦 but never mind, we love flat, it’s split level and feels very cosy  The move went well thank you πŸ™‚ how lovely – a patio with little a table and little chairs and the blue skies πŸ™‚ You will have some great mornings with a lovely cup of coffee! I really enjoyed your travels, will look forward to your post about sunny LA πŸ™‚

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