Prelude to the US Road Trip ~ The Move

Sometimes being prepared is not preparation enough.


It just so happens that our long distance move took place today, the day before we’re to set off on a grand cross country road trip. We did actually schedule it this way, but a little bit of extra pre planning wouldn’t have gone astray. Read: packing a couple of days earlier so we could have anticipated that another pod was required in addition to the 2 we had ordered weeks ago.

Thinking we have less stuff than we actually do is calling for a reality check. Perhaps I just live under the illusion that I abide by the motto – less is more.

My husband, who celebrated his birthday taping boxes, hardly slept a wink last night, and proclaimed today, at 6am, that we’d need an extra pod to fit all of our possessions. He had calculated this by measuring various bits of furniture and visualizing how the boxes would need to be stacked, in a Tetris like order. He’d concluded that another 5 x 7 x 8 ft container was essential so as to leave no piece of furniture behind.

Oh, the early morning stress.

Choosing portable storage – versus a moving company, or self-driving a truck – was my idea. We’d experienced the delayed arrival, damaged furniture, and overcharges of a van line company years ago. We’d driven a truck across the country, filled to the brim with our possessions, and understand how tackling such a lengthy trip in a span of 3 days can leave you unbelievably tired… especially the driver, who has to maneuver his body in exaggerated ways at the wheel of a heavy truck, navigating it down steep hills hills, and around sharp corners.

I will never forget the vibration of what sounded like faulty breaks as we drove downhill from Mt Rushmore. My face was as stony as those of the Presidents carved into the rock face; my knuckles were white from their fearful clench.

Moving with pods was something I’d never considered until this time around. I wanted to experience the beauty of the southernmost cities in the US on this trip sans the extra baggage, and I wanted to test out a 3rd method of moving/relocation in hopes of smooth sailing.

Luckily, ordering a 3rd pod this morning wasn’t a problem but it did highlight the importance of planning ahead of time, keeping a well calculated track of inventory, and budgeting accordingly. Math and volume equations do come in handy, after all!

The best thing about this experience was noticing my husband destress immediately as we heard the truck pull away from out apartment building, 3 ‘full’ pods in tow.

Crisis averted – not a bad start to the moving process. But let this be a lesson to all: have your husband do the bulk of the packing early! Just not on his birthday.


31 thoughts on “Prelude to the US Road Trip ~ The Move

  1. We had a nightmare with a very high end moving company when we came to France. They charged us £9000.00 (10 years ago) as well as removing £38,000.00 from our bank account. They had taken all my bank details and identity documents (which didn’t have photographs) when they packed my home office and, knowing we were out of the country, transferred the money to other accounts! I think the Pods are safer – Bon Voyage.

    • Roger – I hope you retrieved the 38K? What a nightmare. It’s such a hard decision, when it comes down to moving your possessions across hundreds of miles. I look forward to seeing the pods on the other side. Another thing that the van line company did to us, was remove all our things from the initial truck, then place them in a storage facility, where they were then put on another truck bound for our new home. All unbeknownst to us until after the fact. We packed the pods ourselves, and they stay that way until we see them. I’ll let you know! Thanks 🙂

  2. Oh I hate moving! It’s so stressful! I remember moving in with Charlie! I had to move to his place for 2 weeks until we had out new place sorted, and back then Charlie lived in a house share that meant 6 bikes in the house!!! Luckily I stopped buying things ages ago until I get my own place so I only had a few boxes. And then 2 weeks later we had to move Charlie’s and my stuff across the city. Luckily we hired ‘a van with a man’ and he was so helpful so we paid him up, he was so skinny and had his leg injured, but man he was strong and quick! 🙂 When we move next, at least we have both our things together 🙂

    I’ve never seen these kinds of pods, they sound great and poor Ali celebrating his birthday between the boxes 🙂 I still can’t believe you are leaving NY 🙂 I don’t know why it makes me sad 🙂 I think I would be sad leaving London, but then again, you are moving to a lovely place, where the sun is shining all the time 🙂 I look forward to your post from LA and of course about your trip 🙂

    • Hi K! Thanks for your words and sharing that story! I can see it now, all the scurrying back and forth with boxes and the skinny man 🙂 A good thing about moving is passing on things you no longer need! I did have to give up my beloved magazines though – I just couldn’t take them all across the country 😦 I am sad to leave NY but I am happy to have had the 2nd chance to live here… ans have a 2nd chance at the West Coast too. I look forward to your future posts about NYC!! x

  3. Oh, Marina, this reminds me of what we have to un open once we get to Germany! Traveling for a year has taught us that we really can live with very little. I’m not very excited about reuniting with all our stuff! How many square feet was your NY apartment?

    Now that your pods are en route, I hope you can enjoy your wonderful American road-trip. I’m eager to see your posts!

    • Thanks so much Tricia, for your wishes! Our loft was 800 sq ft but we left a few things as they would have required a 4th pod! I did enjoy the ‘fall’ clean of our things – I like to carry my home on my back (well, as best i can!) Hope you’re well 🙂

  4. Moving is incredibly stressful. Now you can enjoy your cross country trip, knowing that everything is packed the way you want it. We used a moving company and they broke our bed. Took two months to get compensated.

    • It is a stress and we had some moments but got through it, smiling! Moving stories are all too common – unfortunately. I am glad you got compensated though. Thanks for your road trip wishes!

  5. I’ve done cross country moves, and yes, they are very exhausting. I hope I don’t have to move again for a long time.
    When we moved to the west, we also stopped at Mt. Rushmore.
    Have a nice trip!

    • That’s what my husband said – we aren’t moving for a while. It is exhausting, emotionally and physically. I do, however, love the sense of renewal that comes with a move. It breathes life into the ordinary 🙂 Mt Rushmore memories- ahhhh! Thanks so much fergiemoto!

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