A New York Love Story

Written in the Spring of 2012

Cherry Blossoms in Central Park

Looking down upon 79th Street Transverse from Central Park, the ubiquitous yellow cabs passing underway feel as natural as the cherry blossoms that surround me. Juxtaposed against an oasis of calm, Fifth Avenue bustles at the Park’s perimeter with a constant stream of boot-to-pavement. To my left, a scene just as frenetic is playing out in the Met Museum; stoic, its interior is overrun by tourists trying to navigate its expanse.

This is New York – a city of dichotomies. Home to millions of people, and a holiday destination for millions more, it is the most bustling metropolis in the United States. New York City is where I, an expat based in a city charged with an unstoppable energy, found my peace.

Park Avenue, New York

I had been caught in New York’s embrace from the onset. Whisked into its whirlwind, the city subsequently unraveled a series of monumental moments along the way. Meeting him was the most definitive – it sparked a new beginning.

I’d fallen in love with him with the same ease I’d fallen for New York. Just as I’d experienced the spark of the city whilst standing in Times Square as a twenty-something year old thinking, this feels so right; years later I felt a similar sentiment as we dined together at my favourite restaurant on Park Avenue.

Ever since that first date, we’ve been walking the same path.

Now, standing in Central Park, newly married, I realise that my love for New York has taken on a deeper meaning. This is a city that can so easily seduce, enthrall, and enchant. But it’s when you stay a while that you really feel the beat of its strong, passionate, and loving heart.

52 thoughts on “A New York Love Story

  1. Beautiful Marina! I am so happy to see this as you are about to embark on your move (which I still cannot believe I somehow missed in the crazy daze of the last few months) – reading this gave me goosebumps…I am certainly lovin the vibe in the blogosphere today 🙂 Something special is afoot, I can feel it! Thanks for a beautiful tribute to a city worthy of love Marina!

    • Thanks Shira, so happy you enjoyed! I hear ya about the vibe – it’s cool 🙂 I’m going to miss NYC. It was actually as I was packing my little office that I came across these words, written months ago. And so, here they are! Thanks again!

      • M – like Shira, I missed the news of the move. I have no idea how, and I am sorry, my friend. I am busy trying to catch up now…

        Wishing you all the best in the next chapter, my friend

  2. Well written story and accompanying photos, Marina, I can imagine the melancholy of moving, but in the end you’ll only get to see and experience more places 😉 good luck, Ron

  3. A lovely, almost poetic tribute to your love ones. I can understand your love for NY – it’s an enthralling city. And of course I can understand your feeling for you love one. And it all comes together in the same place. Keep enjoying it! The photographs of the shadows of people (on Brooklyn bridge?) is great.

    • Thanks so much Otto; your comment is lovely and I appreciate you writing it. You feel what i mean 🙂 That photo is of the Brooklyn Bridge – I thought I captioned the image but maybe it got lost in publishing? Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. What a uplifting and beautiful post. May both your love of New York and your marriage last a long time and continue to grow in strength. Love is what keeps us, sustains us and helps us become who we are meant to be.

  5. Beautiful Marina. Your feature image ties beautifully together your love for New York and your husband, the bundle of locks is very symbolic, captured in your photography. I can see that it will be hard for you to leave N.Y. behind you. Thank you for sharing.

  6. loved this post Marina, I know how you feel about NYC stealing your heart. What an amazing opportunity for you to have lived there…can’t wait to hear about your future adventures and the best part is that this city and your memories of it will always be with you no matter where you are in the world.

  7. So glad to hear of your loves, Marina; your love for the city and your love for your mate… they sound so right. And having experienced such loves myself, I know how wonderful it can be. Happy for you.

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