Staten Island September 11 Memorial ~ NY

Words from Photographs are my own from a trip taken a few weeks ago.

Staten Island was one of the hardest hit communities on 9/11, losing more than 270 loved
ones in the terrorist attacks on New York City that day. As a result, Staten Island needed
its own memorial, a place for the loved ones of the victims to mourn and reflect, and a
place for all visitors to remember those who lost their lives on that tragic day.

From Staten Island, looking towards the World Trade Centre site in Manhattan

Staten Island ferry operates services between Manhattan and Staten island. In the background you can see Brooklyn.

Looking towards New Jersey

Borough President Molinaro made the creation of a Staten Island 9/11 Memorial one of
his top priorities… A Memorial Advisory Committee selected Masayuki Sono’s
“Postcards” from nearly 200 submissions. The solemn, yet uplifting design will feature
two thin structures resembling postcards, perhaps sent to lost loved ones. From afar, they
appear to be outstretched wings or a flower about to blossom.

In order to honor the individual lives lost, part of Mr. Sono’s design provides that each
Staten Island victim be honored with a 9”x11” granite plaque that will bear their name,
birth date and place of work on September 11, 2001 as well as their profile in silhouette.

The Staten Island 9/11 Memorial is located along the North Shore Waterfront Esplanade adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and the Richmond County Ballpark at St. George. The site provides panoramic views of New York Harbor, Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

Manhattan, right; New Jersey, left


26 thoughts on “Staten Island September 11 Memorial ~ NY

    • Thanks so much Adrian. Unfortunately, the news services didn’t show this memorial at all yesterday and I am not sure why. So many people are represented here and won’t be forgotten by way of the memorial.

    • Hi Sarah, I only found out about this memorial when I visited Staten island. By chance, we walked past it and were so taken with what we saw. I wonder why it isn’t shared more with the public? I am glad to have shared it with you. If you can visit it, it’s a peaceful spot. Thanks so much 🙂

  1. Thank you for letting us know about this beautiful memorial. I had no idea it even existed. Showing the personal details as well as their profiles makes this memorial very personal. I’m sure their families all appreciate it.

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