Spending Sunday in Bed-Stuy ~ Brooklyn, NY

Bedford-Stuyvesant is a neighbourhood located in Brooklyn – a 10 minute car drive from Williamsburg’s waterfront; a 30 minute subway ride to Manhattan. Known in short as Bed-Stuy, it’s made up of 4 neighbourhoods, 2 of which are called: Bedford and Stuyvesant Heights.

An area that Wikipedia describes as the Harlem of Brooklyn (in the 30’s, the construction of a subway line between Harlem and Bedford caused many African Americans to move here given more affordable housing), Bed-Stuy has been undergoing gentrification since early 2000.

The recent construction of modern apartments in cookie-cutter design makes it all the more easy to appreciate the rows of beautiful brownstones along Bed-Stuy’s quiet and shaded-with-green side streets. Though I couldn’t tell you where Mike Tyson, Jay-Z, and Norah Jones lived, nor Frank McCourt, Lenny Kravitz, and Chris Rock for that matter, it’s fun to know that you’re walking in footsteps of the famous.

Yes, quite a large number of celebs hail from this part of town. Enjoy!


38 thoughts on “Spending Sunday in Bed-Stuy ~ Brooklyn, NY

  1. Remarkable and beautiful. I like the way you lined up the diagonal in pictures 1, 12 and 13. It’s just a good idea, it never crossed my mind. The doughnuts and the wallpaper picture are my favourites!

    • Thanks so much Gabriele! I loved the wallpaper in the cafe – you don’t see that much used today, so it’s nice to take a photo of a already-made pattern. maybe it was a subconscious inspiration for the diagonal shot!

  2. Spending Sunday in Bed….this was how I first read your title! Not having heard of of the area of Bed-Sty, I’m not sure what I thought but I’m glad you managed to get out and take some wonderful shots. I’ve learnt something too thank you!!

    • Ahhh, the pull of a good headline Jenny. My plan worked 😉 Bed-Stuy is a ways away from attracting the crowds of Williamsburg, and even DUMBO, but I’m sure it will get there soon! Thanks!

  3. So cool to be in places frequented by celebrities! Great photos! The one with the staircase and flowerpots is unique and i like the angle at which you took it. Creative!
    Great feelings from these photos! Very nice.

    • Thank you Peggy! That’s great you’ll be in NY. I do recommend that you visit Williamsburg on Saturday as that’s when Smorgasburg runs – the food festival. You can catch the East River ferry from 34th Street, or catch the subway to Bedford St from Union Square. You might even get the ferry to DUMBO, which is located between Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, and you can walk back over one of the bridges to downtown Manhattan. Let me know if I can help with any tips!

      • I have some posts on those three areas on my blog if you want an idea of the ‘hoods. Just type into the search and they should come up! PS take the East River ferry from Manhattan to Brooklyn – it’s very cool! And walk over the bridges too – better than the subway unless you’re coming in winter 😉

      • A friend of mine lives in the Bronx and said that staying in the city is so expensive if I’d like to stay for a long period of time. Suggested staying with him, or just getting a hotel in Westchester and taking the train in. I figured that would actually be a hassle. Where’d you stay? Would you suggest finding a timeshare?

      • I live in Brooklyn actually, so am based in NY. I would suggest you look at sublets. Training it in from afar would detract from the city experience… but that’s just me 🙂

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