A Day for Ice Cream ~ Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream

~ Charles Baxter, The Feast of Love 

Today was hot and sweltering – a day when anything that felt frozen to the touch brought sweet relief.

As I hung out of the apartment window to watch a parade and its crowd pass by to the music of brass and drums, an ice cream cart stopped right below.

“A perfect day for ice cream,” I thought.


37 thoughts on “A Day for Ice Cream ~ Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  1. Absolutely! Looks FAB! We had a warm one too (by our standards) – what a day for a send off! Just cracked a cold bottle of white to get the evening started, I hope you had a fab day Marina!

  2. Me too! I love ice cream on a hot summer day, and we’r ehaving a lot of them lately. So I join you in the pleasure. I do hope you went downstairs and got some.

    • Hi Shimon, there’s nothing like a sweet treat, that is pleasantly cold, on a warm day. I hope you’re getting through the heat. I did indulge prior to seeing this cart – popsicles and frozen banana treats were had, and I was happy to call it a day! Thanks!

    • Hi Adrian, yes, it’s a touch life saying ‘no; to ice cream. I just mentioned to Karen McRae in my comment back that prior to taking this shot, I had indulged in popsicles and frozen treats along the lines of these flavours: yellow plum, peach and ginger, mango, and a chocolate covered frozen banana! I was done! Thanks!

    • Hi Karen – I just explained to Karen McRae that prior to taking this shot, I indulged in an assortment of popsicles and frozen treats! It wasn’t hard to say NO after that! Thanks!

  3. I think every summer day is a good day for ice cream (or gelato)! It was 35c here yesterday, so I think our weather was similar.
    I like your birds eye view of the ice cream cart. Did you go down to the street to indulge?

    • Ice cream is a staple in our home, especially as my husband makes his own too! It’s sinful stuff! Prior to getting home, I had taken a Bikram class, and indulged afterwards in: a yellow plum popsicle from People’s Pops (they have a stand at Smorgasburg food market on the weekend. I also had bites of my husband’s peach/ginger flavour). That wasn’t enough so we devoured a mango popsicle, as well as a chocolate covered frozen banana. More ice cream wouldn’t have been a good choice for me 🙂

    • That’s such a cute idea! I could have but I was popsicled-out! I have to read all your popsicle posts – waiting on our popsicle maker to arrive. ordered it a few days ago! Will be testing your recipes for sure! Thanks daisy 🙂

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