Musings from Brooklyn

Back in November 2011, I picked up my Nikon D5000 User’s Manual for the first time. To say I read it would be an overstatement. I recall glazing over the black Arial text; my mind was boggled by the manual’s instructions. At the time, the concepts made no sense to me, the functions sounded complicated; the verbiage may well have been written in a different language. In short, I needed something akin to Google Translate for Amateur Photographers.

A butterfly fluttered around the East Village on a steamy Saturday. It wouldn’t sit still until I snapped this shot.

Now, a few months later, I am happy to share that although there’s plenty yet to learn, I’m much more comfortable operating my DSLR. I don’t think I have looked at my well-tattered manual since early 2012. Instead, I am leaning on the advice of my fellow bloggers.

There are plenty of fire escapes in the East Village. It pays to look up!

A few lovely bloggers have nominated me for awards. I’d like to congratulate them on their awards, and in turn, say thank you for sharing such kind words about mine:

Sandstone and amber for the Versatile/ABC Blogger Award; The Sasu Post for Blog on Fire Award; miramiandmog for the Lovely Blog Award; and Paula Turner (mom)ents for The Inspiring Blog Award

As I am not following the rules per se, I have listed a few more excellent blogs.


I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…. | Camerahols / Food, Photography & France. This blog makes me laugh, inspires me with its wit, and make me want to take a photography course in the French countryside.

After The Rain « A Certain Slant of Light Photography. The recent series of photos from Sydney are some of the best I have seen.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement | Creativity Aroused A beautiful image always accompanies equally beautiful haiku. “…wisps of elegant swirls…”

Stormy Weather « Cornwall – A Photographic Journey. Meticulous with details, this blogger inspires with his photographic perspectives. I love this shot.


Happy Independence Day « 2 Rivers Photos. The HDR shots are always so well done on this blog. This post is an homage to California – a state I also love.

Wimbledon and Coffee Cocoa Cookies | mondomulia. Food shots on this blog are always excellent – so well composed, so light and bright. PS This blogger won a competition by Lavazza and is going to Turin. Congrats!


COLOUR ❤ « Arhitektura+. Tastefully curated colourful images. Though the colour wheel has been used to its full extent, the final result is harmonious.

One Shot: By the Water Pump | WITH A HOPE. Beauty and happiness captured during an expected moment in Uganda.

Simplicity… | Helen’s Journal. The pairing of a DaVinci quote with a monochrome photograph is really lovely.

Joy ! « Light touch. Beauty is always captured on this blog. This post is dedicated to a blooming bougainvillea.

Bolsena « paolapandolfini. This photo will make you want to switch on a Cafe del Mar CD, pour a glass of wine, and just look into the horizon.

Beautiful Day in Bangkok « Johnny Wanderlust. I was looking at this photo for a while. There’s so much detail when you look at the clusters of buildings. I really enjoy that about photography. It’s all about the details.


5 Top Tips for Photographing Gardens and Flowers | Random Sights and Diversions. There are always tips and interesting perspectives shared on this blog. This post may be why I took so many photos of insects and flowers over the weekend. (See my top shot)

Daisy – Oh Dai-i-aisy! « Nature’s Place. AMAZING macro shots of winged insects.

stowaway « Strange Bird. The words match the images so well, making this blog always inspiring.

9/11 Memorial: A Taste of Travel. A sensitive post about a part of New York that I have yet to visit. Thank you.

40 thoughts on “Musings from Brooklyn

  1. Great post. Thanks so much for mentioning Random Sights and for the Inspiring Blogger Award! That’s an honor, especially coming from you. I like your butterfly picture. The city background makes it especially interesting. I noticed the flower and bee pics in your previous post as well!

    • Thanks Joanne, for always sharing knowledge. What stuck in my mind in your ‘tips’ post was not ignoring the little guy – I am happy to say I wasn’t stung by a bee but I did jump from fear a couple of times. I was patient with that butterfly shot – my arm was about to give from waiting with camera ready to snap! I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much Joanne for Inspiring!

  2. Thanks so much Marina for your lovely blog award. You heightened the anticipation of my visit to New York with your fabulous photos…I only wish I had made it over to your neighbourhood! Now to do some reading!

  3. These are a couple of smashing shots Marina and a lovely post. It is so true that looking at, and reading about other people’s photos and being inspired to get out there and just click the shutter is worth so much more than that infernal manual. Congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for the nomination. I’m humbled to be mentioned in a list of such amazing blogs. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s great to know that my photos are somehow inspiring your photography! 🙂

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