Urban Vs Natural ~ New York and California

I read some words today that I’ve been reflecting on ever since. You may read them here: mimokhair, Day 2, Vietnam

Energised by the built; energised by the wild. Constantly revved up by a kaleidoscope of impressions, versus quietly meditating on the infinite. Striving towards a balance.

The thoughts shared by the Native American on mimokhair’s post speak volumes about my love for city life, accompanied by the constant pull of the Pacific Ocean.

Looking towards the horizon from Heisler Park in Laguna Beach

View from my apartment building’s rooftop in Brooklyn, looking towards Manhattan. One World Trade Centre in NY’s downtown (background).


36 thoughts on “Urban Vs Natural ~ New York and California

  1. My mother always used to say, if she had the money she’d have a ‘pied a terre’ in London and a country house in Cornwall. Something that the wealthy have always managed. There is an awful lot to be said for it! 🙂

    • I think my mum would say the same too – a home in Sydney; a holiday home anywhere that was beach front facing! I would love a home in Sydney, in NYC and in LA – is that asking for too much? 🙂 Luckily, we can travel through images! Thank you!

    • It is a pretty great view isn’t it? I don’t go up there often enough as it gets so hot in summer (not made for entertaining really) but the view is a good excuse. The header pic if from the top of a hotel in Laguna Beach. How lucky are those homes to have such an expansive view! Thank you!

  2. Balance only works for me whem I’m out on the end of a plank..(stick with me, I know I’m slightly bonkers)…..
    See-saw’s are far more fun than being sat on a fulcrum…wibbly wobbly change makes me buzzzz…….City ’til I’m sick of it, then sun or sea or space, then back again for another hit…A point of balance sounds great but it IS stasis…..and stasis sucks!!
    I like the bouncy part….

  3. Many years ago, I had the opportunity to take some time off in your part of the world. I spent a few days in a retreat/ashram setting, north of NY City in the Catskills. Since I was so close to Manhattan and had never visited the city, I decided to explore the “outer” after my adventure exploring the so-called “inner”.

    I arrived later in the day, on a sunny June afternoon, and decided to head directly to the Empire state building. Upon exiting the top viewing floor, I was confronted by a surreal experience of looking in all four directions of the compass and the expanse of what was known as Manhattan.

    The late afternoon sun was beginning to set, the air was warm and the smells of the city pleasantly overwhelmed the senses that had been so still over the past few days. Here, in the city, humanity prevailed – a pulse of life thrived to a different rhythm, but it was still the pulse of life.

    Here, on the top of the Empire State Building, in the centre of “all centers”; inner and outer merged, as they always do; regardless of where we are – if we take the time to notice…

    • Such a heartfelt and insightful comment Michael. Awareness, being able to understand stillness, and appreciating the moment and energy flow.. I’m so glad you shared your experience – what a moment to have had. It’s given me something to think about. Thank you.

  4. Marina! How are you, Yogi M? All rested and refreshed from my time away down here (where I even practised a little yoga ) and the first post I read is yours…

    I spent some time with a very special 5 year old earlier in the week. We had a day at Byron Bay and she was transfixed by the horizon while standing calf-deep in the sea. I’ve never seen anything like it. I think, perhaps the Native Americans have it right.

    • Woohoo! Glad you read my post first – and it was something along the yogic/spiritual lines too 🙂 How great that such a young one was transfixed by the horizon. As we get older, we’re always busy. Stopping actually feels good, especially when you have something as beautiful as the Pacific to stare beyond. I had a similar moment in Fiji: I was in the crystal clear waters and consciously looked all around me. There were only a couple of islands in sight. I told myself to photograph the scene into my memory as it doesn’t get better than that moment. I reflect on that scene so much, I cannot tell you. It is such a calming visual. Thanks Syders – and….. welcome back!

    • 2 Rivers – you live in San Diego right? Aren’t you less than an hour from the water? when I lived in LA, the water was 30 mins away. It was the ideal scenario – even though back then I felt I wasn’t close enough…!

    • It is a cool spot to be able to access K. i wish I made more use of it! I would love to live by the ocean forever… I am trying to make that a reality! I’ll keep you posted! Thank you!

    • I agree on both points – wise words and preference for ocean view. I love cities but having nature close by (especially the Pacific) is just so calming. Thanks fergiemoto!

  5. A thought provoking post, Marina. Perhaps what makes them each more special is the balance of the two, you appreciate them each for their own characteristics. Certainly they offer different energies. Both beautiful images.

    • Thanks Karen! And absolutely – I think (for me anyway) I need the energy of both to have that balance. I do love one more than the other, but without the other – I would miss its energy 🙂 Hope that makes sense! Thank you!

  6. Sigh, Marina…
    The Pacific calls to me too. Me, I’m missing the City by the Bay, but then, it’s slightly beyond my means! So I’m here in Chicago, another wonderful city, and feeling the tug. Maybe we’ll all end up out there one day!

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