Flowers after the Storm… NYC

New York finally got a break from its heat wave.

Less tropical thunderstorm, more downpour of epic proportions. Basically, it poured buckets and buckets; an orchestra of sounds punctuated by the lightning’s crackles, booms, and roars.

It was kinda cool. I would have photographed it if I had my camera on me… I was 20 minutes from home and kindly let into the lobby of a condo tower to wait until the weather calmed down. I learned alot about the (extravagant) price of Williamsburg’s current real estate market in that conversation; a bust no more, it seems.

The flowers on my window sill are a picture of calm after the storm.


24 thoughts on “Flowers after the Storm… NYC

    • It was a crazy turn of events – overcast and then suddenly, pouring! I bought these flowers at Trader Joe’s and I cannot tell what they are as the label has the watering instructions… but no plant name? Maybe you know? Or someone can help me?!

  1. What a lovely bunch of flowers! I love the rain in summer! It smells so nice and I love then the rain washes away all the dust and then everything becomes so fresh and alive πŸ™‚

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