Manhattan in the A.M. ~ Lower East Side, NYC

Early morning is one of my favourite times to stroll around New York.

It is when the city is at its most relaxed, when packages are unloaded at storefronts, when cafes pour coffee for early risers, when fresh produce is carted from the market to kitchen, when retail stores still snooze behind steel roller doors, when the traffic seems calm, when the pavements are not pounded, when the summer sun feels pleasant before humidity sets in.

Today I experienced a sleepy New York. Next time I’ll get up an hour earlier.


44 thoughts on “Manhattan in the A.M. ~ Lower East Side, NYC

  1. To stroll a city early morning is the best Marina, you get the feeling that you are waking up with the city.
    Meant to mention this before I’ve noticed that your images don’t have a copyright, you might consider having one on each image 🙂

    • I agree Alicia – I love the feeling of an early morning stroll 🙂 … especially when NY is so hectic other times. With the watermarking, I am not huge on seeing it on photos. I should put a copyright at the end of all my posts though – you’re right. (will that cover my pics though?) Thank you!

  2. Much as I like your city pictures, these confirm that I’m glad I moved from London to the country in France. I can’t see the charm in it any more. This doesn’t detract from your pictures, it’s just an epiphany for me:)

    • I am flattered that my photos provided an epiphany 😉 I understand where you’re coming from Roger – I appreciate the appeal of the rural as well as the urban. I do love NY, especially in the morning as it gives the city a bit of a time-out… with a calmer yet vibrant energy. I’m still a fan but I wouldn’t say no to a vacation in the French countryside 🙂 Thank you!

    • Sweetkitten – NYC is for sure a very multifaceted city. There are alot of neighbourhoods; there are invisible dividing lines. I need to document a few different areas so you can see a few other perspectives. Watch this space 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Hi Mazza! (nup, I’m sticking with Marina, my friend) – I love the grungy feel to the lower east side. I know its being gentrified, but its still got that slightly unkempt feel (albeit with some wonderful food!). Great images. 🙂

    • Hey Syders! I think that the area is very cool; I like that it is slightly unkempt…. feels very Brooklynesque (the Lower East Side is right off the Williamsburg Bridge….so..!) My hubby prefers the West Village so I’ll have to get there one morning and take some pics – it definitely has a different feel 🙂 Thanks so much!

  4. A great post Marina. I’m certainly picking up that early morning city vibe. Lovely pictures! The food shots are particularly successful, breakfast looks delicious. Writing this at breakfast time myself, I’m envious.
    Early morning has always been my favourite time and London, like New York it seems had a very similar feel at this time of day. As you point out, this is particularly evident on sunny summer mornings. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Adrian – those breakfast photos did turn up quite vibrant! And the bakery has been hyped quite a bit; it was nice that expectations were met 🙂 I am so looking forward to visiting London and watching it wake up! Happy Wednesday!

  5. I think it’s the greatest time of the day, an early morning. Big cities always look so pretty in the raising sun, when it’s still quite and peaceful, like you say 🙂 Great pictures, you really captured the essence of still asleep New York City 🙂 And those pancakes, OMG! 🙂

    • I agree with you Kristina! Before the rush, the city awakens under the sun (or under the clouds ;)) The pancakes were too delicious looking not to take a photo of… and from the bites I took, the stack was delicious! Thank you!

  6. Oh to be back in NYC!!I loved walking around the LES and finding all the little specialist food shops though I was a bit late for breakfast at Clinton Street Bakery! I believe the pancakes are worth the wait. It will be interesting to see how the area changes over the next few years.

    • Jenny, there always seems to be a line for Clinton St Bakery and it is jammed on the weekends. Brekkie on weekday morning – a great solve! I hope the area doesn’t change too much – I like it the way it is 🙂 Glad to have brought back some memories for you! Thank you!

  7. Really nice! That sure is a lot of bars on the windows and doors in your first shot. I remember getting up very early in the morning the first time I was in NYC. I took a stroll to catch a cruise around the island. I don’t remember the names of the streets I walked, nor the name of the cruise company, but I remember the peacefulness of the early morning.

    • I know – lots of metal keeping the stores safe 🙂 It’s great that you can identify with that early morning feeling – it really is pretty special to see the city in slow-mo. Thanks fergiemoto – and I am glad you shared your memory!

    • Hi Barbara – it was at the Clinton Street Baking Company – there’s a photo of its menu in the series. Only thing is, there’s always a line so if you don’t mind waiting, go for brunch. I recommend, 8/9/10am on a weekday. The pancakes were great – I had a few bits of my husband’s plate. They were blueberry and lemon; there is also banana and walnut. Maybe your son would enjoy that spot – and the Lower East Side is very interesting too.

    • Gabriele, I am so happy that the pictures transported you. There are times, in the early AM in NY, that I feel like I am somewhere else because of the different vibe. let me know if there’s an area that you’d like to see photos and learn more about – I can document it in a post for you 🙂 Thank you!

    • That’s so cool that you like the SOY. It looked so pretty and delicate against the metal doors which is why i also liked it! Nothing beats a good breakfast during a morning like that. I do love those times in NY when it is summer 🙂 Thank you!

  8. Amazing Marina!! I have to say this post reminded ME of our recent jaunt to the city…indeed it is somewhat magical to stroll the village in the early morning. We set out each day on our quest to get our morning coffee (at Ninth Street Espresso)……and it is rare to pass too many folks walking in the morning! Your pancake shot is spectacular! I’ve never been to Clinton Street Baking Company – looks like ultimate breakfast food! As much as I adore your Brooklyn posts, this post is after my heart…which a part of lives in the East Village 🙂 Thank you!

    • I am so glad you liked this one, Shira! I had a feeling that you would be reminded of your time in NYC. I’ll make a concentrated effort to show off Manhattan more than Brooklyn, even though I can’t stop photographing the ‘burg. 9th St Espresso – I am going to have to pay that cafe a visit – thanks for the tip! Glad you enjoyed and how vibrant are those pancakes. That was my hubby’s plate – I would have had a over-carb attack 🙂 Thank you!

  9. Love NYC! We’ve always enjoyed when we’ve gotten up early to see the very same things you mentioned on our visits. Simply love the peacock on the gate of the salon.

    • That’s nice nice to share in those similar likes 🙂 those roller door add some nice colour on a quiet street, and glad you liked that photo. Thank you, lovely to read from you 🙂

    • Dear Cornelia! I won’t claim it as my city – Sydney in Australia, I will claim – though I a happy you had a great time in NYC! it’s here whenever you get back. Thank you!

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