Alive ~ Williamsburg, Brookyln

Don’t ask what the world needs.Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ~ Howard Thurman

I took my Sony Cybershot for a spin today. It’s a great little camera, so light and easy to use. Photographed at 72 pixels, each image still comes across with vibrant colour. Thanks Williamsburg.


Loving kindness.

Neighbourhood vibes.

Street art.

Steel blooms.

Streets, crowded with people singing songs.


Homemade grub.

Tropical wallpaper.

Giving and receiving.

Fragrant shade.


24 thoughts on “Alive ~ Williamsburg, Brookyln

    • Shimon, what a wonderful ‘stumble’ it was. I heard the music from a few streets away and had to see where it was coming from. I have a few more photos of the musicians – I can always send those to you so you may see their instruments – but this angle gave a view of the community. let me know. And, thank you!

  1. Hi Marina, The cybershot does a nice job but it’s much more important who’s behind the camera. 😉 Always such a pleasure to take a walk around your neighbourhood.

    • Thanks Karen, I’m glad the vibe translated. The days have been sunny so there’s so much life out and about. One thing that Williamsburg does constantly is rotate its street art!

    • Yes, you’re right. I did write about that actually, in a post about its gentrification. Just like Soho in Manhattan, Williamsburg has emerged into a popular spot – though in Brooklyn. I really do love it here. And, i prefer a glass of wine 😉

    • Thanks fergiemoto – I love that quote too! and that paste up is the best I have seen in a while – it’s universal 🙂 The Sony C gave my arm a nice break… but I was so happy to take pics with the Nikon of Manhattan today 😉

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