National Wine Day ~ Brooklyn, and beyond…

May 25th is marked on my calendar as National Wine Day; something I heard about through the grape vine.

A carport entwined, on a street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I have yet to understand how the day came into being; for now, I am passing on the memo. Here’s to supporting your local bars, wineries, restaurants, wine stores, and lounges ~ May 25th falls on a Friday, after all.

*Clink* and cheers to you. Enjoy the vino wherever you are in the world. I am pretty sure the initiative isn’t country-specific (!) so let’s all round off the global workweek well.

A friend of mine, Amy Karavlan, noted, “Everyday should be Wine Day.” I pass on these wise words as you see in the weekend.

In days past: Ray’s and Stark Bar, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California


36 thoughts on “National Wine Day ~ Brooklyn, and beyond…

    • Aren’t you glad I am passing on the memo πŸ˜‰ I recommend (if you’re nearby) LACMA and Stark Bar. Really cool! or The Cellar in San Clemente πŸ™‚ Cheers 2 Rivers!

      • Vielen Dank, Cornelia! That’s really kind of you. Actually, I’ve been lucky enough to have called Heidelberg home for 10 years. “Ich habe mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren” for sure. πŸ™‚

        In which city do you live? I’m off to check out your photography!

      • I live in San Clemente in Southern California, a little coastal town, came over here from Munich almost 22 years ago. Have never been in Heidelberg ,though when I lived in Germany I travelled all over the world, didn’t feel like discovering my own country. But I used to go back every other year, now missing the smell of the moss in the forests, the mountains and the wonderful bread und Brezen!!

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