The Long Way Home ~ Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Spring sunshine. Balmy weather. One of the most pleasant days of the season.

I took the road less traveled today. I wasn’t blinded by the regular; instead, I saw alot with ‘eyes wide open’. (thanks Gotye, great song!)

I love days like today – when everything seems interesting and new. I attribute it to the welcome sunlight; to Williamsburg’s changing streetscapes; to the ease of spring. Meeting Oscar was the highlight of my day.

I’ve also been working on a new blog: Bikram Yoga Musings so I’ll make this post light on words.

Enjoy a different walk in the ‘burg!

Mast Brothers Chocolates on 3rd Street: an on-site factory and tasting room. Handcrafted chocolates: single estate, single origin, house blend. Yes, we’re still talking chocolate.

Sunny skies mean trash and treasure buys.

Street art: BBC America

Very temporary street art: these paste ups were intact a few days ago.

Today was National Bike to Work Day. Though there’s only one bike at this ‘bike pit stop,’ believe me when I say that Williamsburg runs on bikes.

See, it’s not hard to spot a bike in the ‘hood…

… even through the windows of Oslo Coffee Company, there’s a bike in the midst. (PS That drizzle of caramel on the coconut macaroon is a little bit of genius.)

Waiting at the bus stop. Perhaps this lady doesn’t own a bike.

Looking up at an ivy covered wonder. (this is the top of the building pictured above)

Herbs for sale. Pictured here: Greek Oregano.

The Brooklyn version of the Paul Smith store.

The most adorable find of the whole day. Oscar, the guard dog at shop ‘Pop’.

A faithful Keeshond, Oscar shows up to work every day and adopts this seating position. It’s his trademark. Oscar has his own facebook page:

When I spotted the ADT security sign on the store door, my suspicions were confirmed – Oscar is far too gentle to be a guard dog; I think he’s really the store mascot.

My first mulberry bush find! I can’t wait til these berries become luscious black fingertip staining goops of goodness.

Part of the larger MÖTUG Collective (Monsters of the Unda-Ground) mural at Keap Street and Hope Street in Williamsburg.

More guard dogs. Aka mascots.

Even posties need a break.

In case you were wondering: n postie [ˈpəʊstɪ] a postman Scot, Austral, and NZ informal

There’s no stoppin’ the sunshine. Nearly home!


34 thoughts on “The Long Way Home ~ Williamsburg, Brooklyn

    • yes, chocolate! Artisinally made too – I know you could write an excellent post about these guys 😉 I have always wanted a Keeshond – Oscar stole my heart. his seating position was just too cute! Thanks 🙂

  1. I work 6 blocks from home – or 7 if I take the long way…’s the same two routes everyday but I never get tired of them….I work at the school my children attended, so for most of the past 17 years, I’ve been walking that walk! Perhaps I should look at it through my lens though – I might see it in a different way!

    • yes, Paula! I encourage it! I usually take the shortest way home but today, the streets were so alive. Sometimes I zig zag the streets – ie, go up and then down the cross streets – as I usually bypass them by just going down the main road. And these were my finds today. That said, Williamsburg is a pretty big neighbourhood and stores are always opening up, street art is changing… so I’m not surprised by finds. I find that when I go back home to Sydney, there’s comfort in taking those routes that I used to when I was growing up. Looking through a lens brings out the details but sometimes makes you unaware of some of the ‘bigger’ things happening around you 😉 Thank you!

    • It’s a great spot to escape the hustle and bustle Barbara. I can breathe in Williamsburg – I like that. oh those poor posters. Already torn 😦 Glad you felt the vibe – thanks!

  2. Hi Marina. What a lovely post and great pics; Oscar and I thank you for all the compliments! He is one sweet pup who loves nothing more than hanging on the stoop for hours on end… Okay, maybe chasing squirrels! Come visit any time! See you soon! Sheila Sharma Owner of POP and Oscar

    • I’m very glad you enjoyed the post Sheila. I’ve always been a fan of the Keeshond, Chow Chow, and Samoyed – I once owned a Chow cross Samoyed; seeing Oscar reminded me of how lovely it is to own a dog, and perhaps in future I’ll be looking at the Keeshond. I really enjoyed Oscar’s facebook profile – he’s a beauty. Thanks for sharing him on your stoop. I will be back 🙂

    • Roger – I walked past the torn posters today and they have been ripped off. Daily changes in the ‘hood. Oscar is very cool – very nonchalant even though he’s fawned over by passers by. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Jenny! You are right – Oscar is in a yoga pose! That’s a great way to describe his seating position. I hope that through my posts, you can feel like you Williamsburg. It is tough to see everything in NY in a short period of time. There’s always time for another visit! Thank you!

  3. It’s fun to take a walk with you through Brooklyn. Not the least because I remember from when I lived in New York how nice those sunny days could be. When you get to go out somewhere when everything seems new and interesting – that is always a great time for any photographer, and it’s evident in this post that you did indeed enjoy the walk talking photos. My two favourites are the blue bicycles next to each, and really nice pair. And of course being Norwegian I had to love the photo from the Oslo Coffee Company.

    • Hi Otto, I am glad you know how those sunny days feel – so wonderful and vibrant. Today was another one of those days and I was thinking back to when I was knee-deep in snow. I love taking photos of what I see on my walks – it’s reality. As a traveler, I want to know how the locals interact and what they see in their cities; how they life day to day. The beauty of recording for example, street art, on a near-daily basis, is that one may capture something that could easily disappear or be destroyed, tomorrow. And – Oslo Coffee came through with a great americano/black coffee and sweet. They know their stuff 😉 Thanks so much, glad you took a read 🙂

  4. Love this luscious post, Marina! And Oscar! 🙂 A perfect neighbourhood experience.

    *Looking forward to exploring your Bikram Yoga blog too. I’ve been a bit of a slacker while I was away…

    • Oscar – he stole my heart. What a beautiful and one-of-a-kind Keeshond. I’ve always wanted one 🙂 My Bikram blog is just up and running – I would love for you to follow and share any advice you might want to share re: poses and hints to progress in the practice. The yoga community is so sharing like that! Thank you for taking a read Karen!

    • 2 Rivers, if you don’t make it to Brooklyn, I will be deeply disappointed 🙂 I know you’ll love the other boroughs, especially lil ol’ Williamsburg over the East River. You’ll find so much to enjoy, and photograph, here. Thanks!

    • You’ll love this ‘hood Andy – I see alot of similarities in where we live 🙂 I’m so glad you liked that BBC art – I thought it was a find. hoping it will stay up long enough to be appreciated 😉 Thank you!

  5. Very cool street shots, it’s so nice to take a long walk sometimes and discover things you wouldn’t necessarily see otherwise 🙂 And my oh my your coffee breaks are getting better and better – coconut macaroon with a drizzle of chocolate 🙂 Yum 🙂

    • There’s a new cafe in town that I visited on the weekend of the Flea, and there’s always another to visit if I need a change of coffee :)By takign a different way home, I found a shortcut. Who knew I had been walking the long way home?!

  6. Great tour and photos again! Oscar is such a cute little watchdog.
    You are quite a busy blogger with maintaining another blog. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve gotten way behind on visiting blogs.

    • I miss Oscar – I need to pay him a visit soon 🙂 Yes, do check out my other little blog – it’s a passion of mine that I find so easy to write about 🙂 Thank you!

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