Project: Capture Daily Life on May 15th

The very soul of this project is its combination of your photos and detailed information about what you have shot and who you are…

On this one single day we ask you to pick up your camera and help us photograph daily life. What is close to you? What matters to you? We will connect your images to images from all around the world, creating a unique online experience where photographs will be shared, compared and explored. Your view on life will be preserved to inspire generations to come.

Our mission is to use the power of photography to create, share and inspire perspectives on daily life – today and tomorrow.

Source: – Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow.

Fellow MatadorU student and blogger, Laura Cook, mentioned this project in a recent post. I have to thank her as well as the initiators of this project, Swedish non-profit foundation Expressions of Humankind, for inspiring me to take out the camera on this rainy day in New York. I would have ordinarily left it at home from fear of getting it too wet – and from the inconvenience of balancing it with an umbrella – but in committing to this project I recalled the words:

If we only walk on sunny days, we’ll never reach our destination ~ Paulo Coehlo

I am glad I persevered; giving up is too easy.

NB: The photos must be taken on May 15 and fall into one of three categories: Home, Work, or Community. Each category has a subcategory which I have tagged below my photos. A maximum of 10 photos is allowed and “all images will be displayed online.. for everyone to explore. Some of them will be selected for a book, A Day In the World, to be published in October 2012; others shown in  exhibitions, either printed or digital. Every single one will be saved for future research and inspiration.” See more info here:

I hope you enjoy my interpretative contributions! PS The photos always look better when clicked on and enlarged.


My husband’s music studio takes up a large proportion of our loft; the amount of pleasure music making gives him makes the space sacrifice worth it. He’s released over 150 tracks that you can listen to here:

Sub Category: Relaxing, Working, Studying, Living, Storing

Our wedding cake toppers, photos, and various other momentos. These hold many dear memories and are displayed in our main living area.

Sub Categories: Treasure, Room

A photo filled wall at home, along with a framed pressed flower and some travel memorabilia. I love to collect mini snow globes from our adventures.

Sub Category: My Wall, Treasure


One of the many shelves housing my writing, travel, and photography resources. I love books and in our home, they will never be completely replaced by technology.

Sub category: Tools

An orchestrated mess of my school course notes, article drafts, newspapers, and magazines. This is pretty organised for me; I have a thing for stacking things in order on the floor before filing.

Sub Categories: Tools, My Job, Purpose


Facebook keeps me in touch across the miles. I know it has been called ‘the biggest time waster’ but how else would I see my friends’ babies growing up all over the world? In addition, I like to pop in daily and say hello to some of my close friends located across different time zones.

Sub Categories: Generations, Community, Technology, Leisure, Identity, Society

A coffee a day keeps the sleep doctor away. This is one of the smoothest americano coffees I have had in a while. Beans: Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Taken at Momofuku Milk Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Sub Categories: Society, Community, Leisure, Natural Elements

Williamsburg is defined by its art community. This is a new find – a piece of history against contemporary street art.

Sub Categories: Generations, Identity, Community

My attempt to document a Bikram Yoga class without the sweat. This ceiling vista is a regular sight during the last 30 minutes of class – the floor series. Heating panels frame a very-welcome overhead fan.Taken at Bikram Yoga Williamsburg.

Sub Categories: Leisure, Community, Energy

A postcard is always nice to collect in the mail; receiving correspondence from loved ones makes the day brighter. This postcard was from my sister, telling me how much she has fallen in love with London.

Sub Categories: Generations, Care

That’s it; that makes ten images from today!


23 thoughts on “ Project: Capture Daily Life on May 15th

    • Hi Syders! I thought it was a cool idea and I look forward to following the project after everyone has uploaded their pics – after May 22 I believe. I am actually having trouble uploading mine (!) so am keeping a close eye on the site. Ahhhh time zones! Thanks for taking a peak 🙂

  1. Aaaah love this Marina! I recognize some of those things….music (the hubby is a rather seious audiophile)…books (our shelves are full and I totally agree about there being no replacement) …coffee (yum Stumptown!)…how I miss the yoga class atmosphere (cute shot!)…and of course (just a little) Facebook for keeping up with those we can’t talk to everyday! Great post! 🙂

    • Shira, that’s so cool that we have parallels in out daily lives 🙂 The coffee was seriously excellent. I believe it is the Hairbender roast, which I have had before but yesterday, it was as smooth as silk (pardon the cliche)! Thank you!

    • Karen, that fan is a saviour. Just the feel of some air circulating can inject some energy. Funny how the simple things feel like luxuries. It’s a glimpse into a day – if you took some photos on May 15, you can participate too?! Thank you!

  2. Marina, such a cool idea to share this project, love your pictures, … I spotted a California Travel guide on your book shelve!…..I will be in NYC in about 2 weeks, can’t wait to explore your twon………. I love the picture the view through the rainy window ,…. I happen’t to take out my camera yesterday, on a sunny day… sorry. and like to participate in this project… where do I upload??? Thanks for sharing!!

    • hi Cornelia! yes, that California guide has been with me for a while. It has likely been updated but is a good intro to neighbourhoods and cities in Cali. You can upload by clicking on ‘Join’ at the top right hand corner on Just ensure not to act too quickly when uploading as I did – I am afraid I moved a step too quickly and now am waiting on the support team to help me upload the rest of my photos. There’s a tutorial on the site that helps you too. The deadline to upload is May 22! Enjoy!!

    • Hi! I am so glad you like that shot – I think it is one of my faves too. It is pretty indicative of how it felt yesterday in the ‘hood. Rainy and a coffee day for sure! Thank you!

  3. Hi Marina! Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your day. Your photographs illustrated perfectly. This sounds like a great project and I think you’ve made a sterling contribution. Oh and I’ve been enjoying some of Ali’s music today so I’m really glad you posted the link. I’ve only scratched the surface of my music production software being no more adventurous than loading a Steinway sample and playing some Chopin. This was brilliant 🙂

    • Thanks Adrian for taking a look at the post – it was fun to do and I encourage you to go to as Laura just posted her pics too. It is neat to see how the same day looked across the world. I’m looking forward to seeing the images once they’ve all been uploaded. Ali’s music and Chopin – two different sides of the spectrum but what a great stretch! Ali is a dedicated producer – I can tell you that. Our photo wish list is like his music production wish list. Thank you!

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  5. Cool idea! Thanks for giving us a look at your day. I like the postcard pic. It’s nice to send and receive handwritten notes and cards – it makes it all the more special than an email.

    • Hi fergiemoto! It was a neat idea and if you happened to have taken some pics on May 15, you can also enter 🙂 My sister tells me there are more postcards to come. So fun decorating my fridge with scenes from around the world. Glad you like that shot; it makes me smile. Thank you!

  6. These are great Marina 🙂 Your posts are always very honest and cosy, that’s why love them 🙂 I love books too and as much as it is nice and comfortable to read Kindle on a train, I will always have a shelf full of books and I will always buy books, I just love the smell and just love wandering around in a book store 🙂 I love the quote about coffee 😀 I will be using it daily 😀 By the way, how’s your course going? I hope you are enjoying it 🙂

    • Kristina! Thank you so much for your comment – I so appreciate you taking a look always as your comments are so insightful and thoughtful. coffee and books in one store is a perfect pairing! My course is good – challenging and I am focusing more on the writing versus photography (way behind in my modules for it). It’s a learning process but a fun one 🙂 Thank you!

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