32 thoughts on “Centennial Celebration 2: Paramount Pictures

  1. Let’s both teleport ourselves to LA for ‘The Italian Job’ AND ‘Funeral in Berlin’ on May 17! Michael Cane at his best.

    Great post, Marina. Who doesn’t love a tale about Hollywood? The opening quote from Sunset Boulevard is just magic. 🙂

    • Hi Syders! I was day dreaming about being teleported today… and Cali is having some nice weather 🙂 I heart Hollywood, especially anything to do with old Hollywood. It has that mystique. Glad you enjoyed Syders! And, thank you!

    • Hi Val! Thanks for commenting on the Urban Lights – I wasn’t sure about it so reading your comment makes me glad to have included it! have you seen that MI in Dubai? I really enjoyed it, surprisingly!

  2. Hi Marina, if you are wondering what’s up with the studio 13, I can tell you that the 13 number is considered highly ominous in Europe. People get real superstitious on Friday 13th (they avoid dangerous situations or… play the lottery, go figure). Some high end hotels don’t have any 13th floor nor 13th room because no one would book them ! I’m not surprised there is no studio 13 either 🙂

    • Hi Kasia! Thanks for giving me that info; I thought it might have been the case and I wonder who made the decision at Paramount? It will be something I’ll try and find out though the unlucky 13 makes sense!

    • Hi Adrian, yes – my newbie pics next to some amazing golden oldies 🙂 As I mentioned to Helen, any excuse for an old Hollywood post 😉 Glad you liked it. Thanks!

  3. I haven’t seen Sunset Boulevard, but I am intrigued now, I will have to check it out 🙂 Wow a 100 years, that’s a lot 🙂 everyone and everywhere knows about them and recognises their logo 🙂
    Also hotels never (almost never) have room nr 13 or even a 13th floor 🙂 It’s associated with bad luck, people call it the devils number 🙂 Now I want to go to the cinema, get a big bag of popcorn, sit back and watch a good movie 🙂

    • hi Kristina! I think that’s a plan: rent Sunset Blvd, make your own healthy popcorn (inpursuitofmore.com has a good recipe), sit back and watch this fantastic movie. I know you’ll like it – it is impossible not to. Re: the number 13, I had a feeling that was the reason though I’ll try and make it my goal to find out more when I go on the studio tour. Thanks 😉

  4. Thank you Marina, great post . Funny it was just yesterday that I looked at the Paramount Logo after watching a movie and was thinking how old this might be??? Here, this morning comes the answer from you.. Thanks for always sharing

    • Hi Cornelia, Isn’t it the way, that things like that happen? You notice something, only to find the answer ‘around the corner’. I love those moments! I am glad this post found its way to you 🙂 Thank you!

    • Barbara! I agree – especially with that scene on the Dubai tower! have you seen the latest Mission Impossible movie? I actually really liked it. Very good on IMAX with those Dubai scenes. Glad you liked the post 😉 thanks!

    • Hi fergiemoto! I hope you see the movie… as for the studio tour, I cannot speak from experience but I want to take it. I ran out of time last trip and managed to take a few snaps of the studio from Melrose. It would be fun to walk in the steps of the stars, wouldn’t it? Thanks so much!

  5. Loving that opening quote Marina! I just cracked a great big grin at that one 🙂 These are great shots – I always love your curations!

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