Faces in New York

Every person on the streets of New York is a type. The city is one big theater where everyone is on display. ~ Jerry Rubin


There’s a ‘best …. in New York City’ for everything.

Cute doggie face.

Shoes and cowboy hats on 2nd Avenue.

Posters and paste ups in the Lower East Side.

St Marks Place…. and advertising.

Cards in Chinatown.

Not part of the Ray Bans ad.

This is the way we park in NY

Shopping in Soho – at Opening Ceremony.

I can’t remember faces, don’t remember names, but after a while and a thousand miles it all becomes the same. ~Billy Joel

Looking upon a pair of pigeons, in Soho. If you look closely, one pigeon is looking over his shoulder.

A new face in Soho – Australian designer store, Zimmermann.

Art on display.

Faces and flower boxes.

Near the Thompson Hotel… and a new take on the Australian flag.

Is this a faceless artwork by FAILE?

Screenplays: a face off.

Dark shades under D&G.

Hanging out and texting.

Cookie stacks, lilacs, and snap-happy visitors. Taken in the birdbath green bakery.

A rabbit adorns a store window.

Who  sees  the  human  face  correctly:  the  photographer,  the mirror,  or the painter?  ~Pablo Picasso


35 thoughts on “Faces in New York

    • Adrian, not sure why your comment was sent to spam. I just retrieved it, thankfully! I am so happy to share these shots, and Soho even has a loft building in all pink. I didn’t include it but maybe I should have, in a nod to its facade? Did you see such parking garages on your travels? Thanks for your comment, and glad i found it 🙂

    • Thanks fellow New Yorker! I was downtown yesterday, it was a great day, everyone was out and enjoying the sun; I just needed to photograph it for my own memory! I shared the link with my sis too – she thought it was cool. She’s in London now, living it up like a London (tourist) 🙂

    • I can see that – they are pretty cool with their lines and different models of cars! They are a little bit of a novelty…. until you have to sue one every day. Yes, even in Brooklyn we use these elaborate structures! In NY, they always build up 🙂 Thanks!

  1. Gosh Marina, your opening statement could not ring more true! I’ll never forget my 1st trip tp NYC – I never felt more comfortable in my own skin…it’s a wonderful place where anyone can go and feel proud to be who they are. Great shots today! xo!

    • Thanks Shira! The quote is great isn’t it – it sums up NYC so well. It was a great day for photography. Bubble tea, chocolate chips cookies, and a sunny day – how can you go wrong?!

    • That’s a perfect comment K! Actually, you would have liked the birdbath green bakery as they were very environmental and had lovely goodies and coffee! Thank you 🙂

  2. A very inspiring tour of NY seen with your eyes. I like the way you look high and low, find reflections, discover words on the sidewalks, capture contrast. It’s clear that you are experimenting with composition and visual elements – and it’s great. For me it’s obvious that you had a good time shooting in NY. My favourite picture of the lot is the one of the two pigeons and the reflection in the window behind them. A nice little story in itself.

    • Otto, I am so happy that you describe the photos as an inspiring tour of NY. I am definitely experimenting – trying to record what I see but with a story to tell. As you say, the pigeons against the advertising is a story in itself and I am really glad that you picked up on that. I hope you’ll stop by with some comments on techniques that may work better for some shots. It’s a fine balance – the technique and how to best capture a moment. I appreciate it. Thank you!

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