Snapped: Spring in Central Park, New York

Life is a journey, not a destination. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s not easy to plan a trip to Central Park with an endpoint in mind, especially if you are easily distracted. This isn’t a bad thing – just something to be conscious of if time is of the essence.

Yesterday, I had some time.

These past few days, it really feels as if winter has left the City, especially in Central Park. It’s as if Spring took a brush and brightened its expanse with a fresh coat of paint. New leaves grow into winter’s space, filling it in with shades of green; baby buds and blooms garner attention – their stems and branches reaching out, decorated in different shades of yellow and pink.

Along with the fruits of a new season, Central Park has come alive with people. New Yorkers once again embrace the lush foliage of their extended backyard; ducks welcome newcomers to the water – they happily float alongside row- and remote-controlled sailboats.

Just as I was sidetracked on my last trip to Central Park, I was distracted again yesterday. Sheer determination got me to the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, a place I’d missed out on seeing a few weeks ago for its cherry blossoms. I made it; I saw the blooms surrounding it. Yet, I was happier for having captured so many lovely moments along the way.

Life really is about collecting moments, isn’t it? I hope you’ll enjoy these.


Central Park – Enter and be greeted with a vibrant pop of yellow. A sunburst, at ground level.

Spot bristly looking blooms, reaching for the sun.

How could you not be sidetracked by this skyline? A model view of Manhattan.

Midtown’s panorama: it looks so peaceful, standing on the sidelines at Sheep Meadow. Reason enough to love New York.

Whilst Sheep Meadow is still gathering strength before it opens its gates to sunbakers and frisbee throwers, there are plenty of other spots to retreat into. Millions of perfect settings in which to linger over a cup of coffee and indulge in an afternoon nap.

Open-air shopping at The Mall. It’s good to see its lined-up elms awake – the green leaves are such a contrast against those dark trunks.

In the background, an absolute delight to hear the sounds of the Australian Chamber Orchestra from the Bandshell. A reminder of home…

… worthy of a crowd. What a treat to stumble upon.

Road traffic against the Boathouse

Lunch: at The Loeb Boathouse.

The Conservatory Water, seen from uphill.

At the water’s edge, remote controlled wind-driven sailboats glide…

… and ducks float alongside; a couple take a breather on the rectangular buoys. Poised, one looks ready to dive.

This is a different kind of buzz taking place in the midst of the most bustling city in the US. A subdued atmosphere with a positive energy behind it.

Later… From water activity to a pink blossom sighting.

Bustle Alert. From above: a view of the ubiquitous yellow cabs. New York City symbolism.

Shadows on The Metropolitan Museum of Art – it sits in the grounds of Central Park.

More blossoms along the way. A divine fragrance, begging to be bottled. A few sprigs plucked; their sweetness saved for memory.

Green against amber against white against pink. Spring’s best offering – a palette of amazing colours.

The undeniable beauty of the magnolia bloom; so pretty yet so stoic.

Steps away… the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. At its circumference, The Guggenheim can be seen through the tree branches – to the right…

… water – to the left, and a cherry blossom directly ahead. Another happy snapper in the midst.

Musings, under the shade of the cherry blossom tree….Maybe I should give jogging another try…?

West Side Story, framed by blossoms. A view of the Reservoir against Fifth Avenue. The Guggenheim is amongst those buildings, somewhere…

A lovely walk in the Park; a string of spring moments. Strolling into a block of townhouses, somewhere on the Upper West Side, in the 80’s…

Gorgeous entryways, detailed architecture… still in the peaceful 80’s. Where is everybody?

Spoke too soon. Steps away. Bustling New York.

For perspective, an interactive map of Central Park can be accessed here: Central Park Maps | Your Complete Guide to Central Park.

57 thoughts on “Snapped: Spring in Central Park, New York

  1. OMG…my whole family went out today to Macy’s flower show but when we saw the crowds we hopped on a train and went to Central Park.
    You truly captured the essence of the place…urban vs nature. My sister keeps asking me about it. I will send her this link so she can see the park in its full glory.

    • Good choice Barbara – Macy’s is insane around any holiday! I am so glad you liked these photos – there’s so much to see in Central Park always. It was a lovely day for it too. Thank you!

    • As if Jimmy Fallon on TV right now wasn’t enough, you’ve made me laugh so much! I hate running – my knees are the worst EVER! Such a kind comment but you’re giving me way too much credit 😉 I’m so happy you liked the pics and words. Thanks!

  2. So exciting to see these fabulous photos. The sun is shining and the park looks stunning. I hope it stays like this ….only 2 weeks to go until your photos come to life for me! Keeping my fingers crossed that the blossom is still out.

    • Hi Jenny! I know it is going to look spectacular for you! There will be blooms, there will be so much greenery, and life! How exciting – 2 weeks goes by quickly. I look forward to hearing about your upcoming plans and adventures in NYC! Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for these pictures, they yet again bring back so many fond memories. I soooo want to be there now, I never experienced NY in spring. I wouldn’t mind this “extended backyard” 🙂

    • It is a pretty cool backyard to have, especially if you live directly around the Park! It’s interesting to see it pick up the pace from the cooler winter temps. I am glad you liked the photos – thanks so much!

  4. Hi Marina! Thanks so much for taking us along.. Central Park really is coming to life. Spring is just wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and your prose. A really nice piece of writing. Lovely to be able to listen to the Australian Chamber Orchestra. I liked all your pictures, the sail boats and the ducks, the jogger but I especially liked Conservatory Water, Bustle from Above and West Side Story. Really nice compositions. Excellent post. 🙂

    • Thanks Adrian, I am really enjoying seeing Spring come into its own this year. The camera makes you appreciate the details 🙂 I was experimenting with shutter speed on the Bustle from Above photo though the traffic was more stand-still than swift 🙂 I am glad you liked the post – thank you!

  5. Lovely pictures! Spring is a wonderful season and Central Park looks amazing. I’ve never been to NY but I made a deal with myself. Over 2 years I am 40 years old and as a birthday gift to myself I will come to NY ;-). I can’t wait…

  6. Looks amazing! What a lucky girl you are to have such a gorgeous back yard – so much going on around all the time! And the orchestra? What a TREAT for sure!
    *Sigh* Great photos! Simply refreshing for sure.

  7. Here we are! I knew that the shot are gonna be fantastic as soon as you told me about them the other day. It’ll be difficult for me to pick one…=) Talk to you soon.


  8. I’ve always found Central Park to be fascinating. Maybe it’s the idea of all that vast greenness floating in the middle of a such a vibrant city, maybe not a haven per se, but the idea of a haven…I don’t know exactly, but for me one of those ‘100 places to see before you die’ type destinations. Thanks for the stroll, really enjoyed it!

  9. Hi Marina, reading the article brought back wonderful memories of New York (visited last year just before Halloween) and allowed me a virtual visit of Central Park in the spring! Gorgeous pictures with fantastic coloured sky.
    Thanks! Andreas

  10. It’s just so spring like there. We have a little catching up to do!
    these are lovely little moments and pauses you have presented Marina. Love your views on New York! 🙂

    • It was 62F here today – spring weather, beautiful! I loved capturing those moments – I am glad you liked them 🙂 As much as I wish spring for you, it’s always lively to see what you capture in your area. Thanks Karen!

  11. Spring time in New York is my favorite season there. Your pictures are a wonderful reminder.
    Thank you for capturing a spirit that lives brightly in my mind right now.

    • I agree with you – in springtime’s reawakening, it’s so nice to see everything become colourful and filled out. I am so happy to share the post with you; there’s nothing better than remembering those wonderful moments in travel. Thank you!

  12. Such a wonderful selection of spring pictures and so many different colours! I love spring! You inspired me to go to the park!!! To be honest I haven’t been to my favourite St James’s park yet… Every time I look at you photos of Central Park in NY, it reminds me of St James’s park 🙂 I need to organise a picnic and make my way to Greenwich Park, it’s closer 😀

    • That’s so lovely – I hope to see your photos from St James and/or Greenwich Park soon! I’m always so interested in how other countries/cities look at the same as where I am! Thank you!!

    • Oh no Fergiemoto! I am happy then to share these images with you. There’s so much to see in NY, so I understand how hard it would be to stick to an itinerary. I am glad you enjoyed the tour 🙂

    • Thank you Lilly! Is was so great to stumble upon that yellow bloom! A perfect frame for the yellow cabs that are a fixture under Central Park’s bridges. It’s a different view altogether in winter. I am glad to have shared these images with you! I share in the love for NYC!

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