Grateful for the Altitude; Grateful for the Time

Plane trips from NY to LA – or from somewhere to anywhere – may never be the same again. For me, carry-on luggage used to mean juggling, amongst other things, a stash of magazines and guide books; the complexity of an inflight entertainment system determined, in large part, the (swift) passing of a (lengthy) flight time.

These days, WIFI has changed all of that. Whilst airport waits and high altitudes give some travelers the perfect excuse to switch off, I prefer to plug in and catch up.

This has inspired to compile an overdue gratitude post in response to a few awards for which I have been nominated. I am so appreciative for the love shared by fellow bloggers: in pursuit of morebinNotes and jmeyersforeman photography, who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award; robertoalborghetti, who honoured me with The Very Inspiring Blogger Award; and Red Pants And a Mustache – I am grateful for the Stockholm Sunshine. Thank you!

I follow each of these blogs and encourage you to visit them when you have some time. You’ll be immersed into a world filled with the pleasures life has to offer – intrepid travel, artisan coffee, awesome art, wine briefings, therapeutic creativity, inspiring quotes, and wonderful photography – documented from various points around the globe.

I’m sharing a round-up of some excellent posts I’ve recently read, in thanks for the nominations. I hope you may enjoy them too. Bon Voyage!

Simply stunning minimalism. I will never tire of these images and can imagine them as enlarged works on the walls of my home. Day 147 – Minimalist | cindymccauley.

Ever since this post, 107 « mozuqu noir, I have been an avid blog follower. Delicate effortless beauty with every post.

Photography of fossils and ice, interwoven with vivid verbiage; a reminder that the changing of the seasons is a time to reflect on what once was. The Ephemeral and the Enduring « draw and shoot.

Street art is so refreshing; a symbol of creativity. Here’s a perfect example. This is a lovely blog for its great architectural shots too. eYe « El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo.

A reminder of the bountiful beauty that is in Sydney, Australia. Sydney’s Bay Run (in my case, walk) « This Sydney Life.

Space – stunning in its simplicity; a hint of complexity. I appreciate the versatility of this blog’s postings. Fog.. « Cornwall – A Photographic Journey.

A powerful post, balancing the abstract with the poetic. desire « Strange Bird.

Passionate about art, music, and her family; interesting and interpretative. See why: little baby you are so CUTE! « marsblackvintage.

Street art, reinterpreted through nature. Can’t wait to see this as an Impressionist series. Metallic Elements | The Lantern Room.

Always a fresh eye with photography, this post is a current favourite from Barbara’s blog – in part, for my love of chandeliers. Fred Wilson | barbaraelka.

Very much enjoying this collection of posts in tribute to Egypt, and the universality of its messages. Day 20~ March 20th~ Egypt « 365 from the archive.

Inspiring black and whites from a talented photographer. This post of people – of life – is so refreshing. Winter Winds | Klara’s Street.

A post that showcases the reality of a city; the beauty of its people; the sights a traveler comes to see, to feel, to experience. the streets of Jerusalem | the human picture.

There’s always an interesting find, a creative recipe (not restricted to the edible kind), and a wonderful sharing of art within this blog. This post immediately caught my eye. Smithsonian Magazine’s 9th Annual Photo Contest | Violets and Cardamom.

A post, well flagged. 18 March 2012 « 366 Days of Photos.

It’s nice to share in a mutual love for the West Coast of the US with this blogger. Rooftop View « 2 Rivers Photos.

A perfect end-note. I always enjoy this blog, and this post especially so. Say cheese…. | Camerahols / Food, Photography & France.


39 thoughts on “Grateful for the Altitude; Grateful for the Time

  1. Yes, I would imagine that it would be a lot easier to suffer waits and empty time if you can use the computer in the airport and on flights. I stopped traveling by planes before they introduced such technological advances.

    • I suppose technology has changed things, in general. In the past, the idea of airport travel was associated with luxury. How things have changed! Thank you Shimon, for your feedback. Also, the wait is made easier with a camera in hand; to appreciate the ‘good’ of the airport.

  2. Congratulations on your awards! This is such a great idea too! I am off to NY in 48 hours, and I might just do what you did! Thank you so much for mentioning me here! Very kind of you!

    • Thank you mimo, for your wonderful blog that I am able to share. You have excellent images and wonderful musings of thoughts and history. I really enjoy your posts! Have a wonderful time in NY – I just returned and am amazed at the wonderful weather! Safe travels. Keep us ‘posted’.

    • Absolutely! That is one of my favourite posts from you! It is perfect and hope others may see Sydney’s beauty through it. Thanks for sharing it and I hope you’ll discover some other great blogs. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations Marina. Your awards are so richly deserved. It was very gracious of you to give me a mention and amonst such company, I really appreciate that. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! Your blog is so diverse – there’s a certain element of surprise when I receive notification of your latest post; I don’t know what to expect though I know it will be great! I am glad you have found inspiration through the other blogs – what a great world to uncover and explore.

    • Thank you Rondje – so glad to have discovered your blog! I am glad you share your images with us, and it’s a pleasure viewing your photos. I hope you found some inspiration through the other posts.

    • Roger, my pleasure. You have a wonderful blog – excellent words, stellar photos. It’s always an entertaining and thought provoking read – and, thanks for sharing that with others.

  4. Thank you Marina! I’m honoured to be on your list.
    Love your airport pictures, especially the last one. A wonderful mix of lines and colours in a very interesting composition. It gives that off-centred feeling you can get from flying.

    • Karen, my pleasure! Your posts are fabulous and I am happy you share your talents with the blogosphere. I am glad you singled out that last image and its off-centred feeling, as it is what I wanted to convey. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much 2 Rivers. I am really enjoying your blog – you’re surprising with great images all over SoCal, and that’s really fun to see for me. Thanks for the comment about those two photos – I’ve never photographed in an airport before and now look forward to more waiting times for the photo opportunities!

  5. Hey Marina – the first shot of the airport actually made my heart race! It’s fantastic! wonderful post – and great blogs to check out too…as usual, just love your posts! 🙂

    • Thanks Shira, that so nice to hear about my posts! You only have a short time until you see the airport interior – France is coming up, right? So glad I could share some other posts with you – they are a great read.

  6. Many congratulations on your Awards Marina. Thank you so much for mentioning mine – and a big thank you for your kind words of encouragement; I really appreciate it 🙂

  7. Congrats on you awards! I love all the pictures!
    Oh I miss travelling!!! For now the UK will do, Bath, Cambridge 🙂 More travelling later this year or even next year! 🙂 All the mentioned blogs look great, thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

    • Thank you! Got home safely – I appreciate the wishes. I am glad you like the images – the airport can be fun to photograph! So pleased you have viewed Klara’s log – she’s so talented!

    • Thanks so much – I did have a great trip and I am glad we share in ‘unplugging’ with wifi! I just posted some SoCal photos – the coast line there is naturally colourful!

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