World Happy Day, and Thank You for the Inspiration

In the name of World Happy Day today, I wanted to thank Ines from I’monnet Photo for including me in her nominations, as recipient of the One Lovely Blog Award. I am really grateful for that and wanted to say thank you for the inspiration through your blog! You’re always sharing tips on photography and interesting information on the intangibles, like style.

I’m continuously inspired by others and their works, and whilst I struggle with selecting a few blogs for such award nominations, I think it is important to share the love. Finding inspiration through others is a very uplifting feeling and I would like to show this via blog posts that have really resonated with me.

I hope you’ll enjoy them.

barbaraelka – This post on “European Helmets at the Met” is so beautifully photographed that I might have to trek uptown and view a part of the museum that I rarely venture into. Barbara’s blog always has great photographs; excellent style.

robertoalborghetti  and Lillian Sizemore’s Mind’s Eye showcase art as a form of healing. Both posts are a must-read for fans of poetry, art and Gaudi.

mondomulia has photographed a series of wonderful photographs in this Coming Soon Coffee post. Read this is you are a lover of cafes, sweets, coffee, and crisp photography.

draw and shoot – Karen’s latest post, “Deconstructing Architecture: The Canadian War Museum” is just beautiful. Lines, mystery and urban beauty; it has really elevated my appreciation for architecture photography.

cindymccauley – for some of the coolest macro shots I have ever seen! This post especially, “Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me” shows how beautiful a fly actually is!

Life through a lens – a wonderful post on tips for protecting that all-expensive camera; Val has documented gorgeously photographed ‘moments’; an inspiring photographer and person.

the human picture – ShimonZ writes with such grace and honesty. His posts are always so meaningful – this one “On Being Awake” especially so.

Cornwall – A Photographic Journey – Adrian has a gift for bringing ease into complexity. “That Water Effect” shows his gift for photography, whilst being able to share his learnings effortlessly.

Aware of the Void – the wittiness of this post “Spring to be Sprung” is too good. Brendan has an extensive portfolio of photographs that I always gain inspiration from.

Babb Photo Blog – an honest look at channeling a negative emotion into a positive one. This post brought to mind the quote by Theodore Roosevelt: “Comparison is the thief of Joy”.

 cameravagrant – JP’s latest post, “Nowhereville” intrigued me so much. In fact, his entire portfolio is amazing; for the moodiness, the light, the words.

Homemade Wellbeing – ever since Kristina posted on parsley tea, I have been drinking it! One day, Kristina will open her own store filled with natural products and potions!

 A Certain Slant of Light Photography – I am such a fan of this post, “A Florentine Sunset”; well, the whole blog really. A lovely portfolio to look through.

My thoughts, pics and personal opinions – when I shared this post with my yoga school, the manager replied, “It’s good to be a Gumby”. Pedro – I am looking forward to more yoga-inspired quotes!

I’monnet Photo – a perfect way to end is to share Ines’ series on “How to Define Your Style”. This post, in particular, shares the notion of being inspired by others. I’d like to share the quote on this particular page with you though hope you’ll check the post out for yourself:

“Nothing in this world ever makes sense without a context, it is easy to take the qualities of your work for granted, before having witnessed someone else’s approach. I strongly encourage you to participate in something where you can see your work alongside other people’s.”

~Thank you~


28 thoughts on “World Happy Day, and Thank You for the Inspiration

  1. Marina, as always you are too generous with your praise and I am a little embarrassed. Thank you for the kind comments and the wonderful links to the work of others. It is nice to be included.
    Have a great weekend.
    Regards Brendan

    P.S. I have taken the photos of the onions, I just need to develop the film and dream up some way of writing a post about them.

    • Brendan, put the embarrassment aside and bask in the fabulousness of your wittiness 🙂 I cannot wait to see the onion blog. Maybe a good surf within the blogosphere will provide some inspiration 🙂 Thanks!

  2. For me to be amongst these bloggers, is an honour, Marina, and I thank you so very much, not only for including me, but speaking such kinds words about me. You are a wonderful and prolific blogger, you have brought New York into our homes, and you do it with such expert aplomb.
    Thank you, Marina for your wonderful posts, but more than that, thank you for showing kindness to all these other wonderful bloggers.

    • Thanks Val ~ such a lovely comment. I really appreciate it! It’s a pleasure sharing NY and random side trips on the blog – so I am glad you enjoy them! I hope you may be inspired by some of the fellow bloggers!

  3. wow thank YOU Marina! 🙂 I just took a tour by the blogs you shared here and already added quite a few to my list of blogs to follow.
    PS: #7 the last one of the series will be published tomorrow.

    • Thanks Ines, for mentioning me in your blog post! I went through your list and was so inspired by them, I wanted to do the same for others 🙂 I’m looking forward to your finale tomorrow!

  4. Thank you so much Marina. Your blog is a constant source of interest and your nomination is so well deserved. You are so very generous to have included me here. I look forward to exploring the other blogs mentioned 🙂

  5. Wow! I am very honored!! Thank you so much Marina! Looking at the other blogs you mentioned as well, wow, now those people are clever!!! I’m very glad you enjoy the macro, it’s turned out to be a new found passion for me. Thanks again, you know I’m a huge fan of yours as well!

    • Hi! Your macros have made me look twice at insects… even though I will never be comfortable around spiders 🙂 Thanks for braving the elements to get those shots! Glad you took a look at the other blogs – so much food for thought there. And you are a wonderful support, thank you!

  6. This is so cool, thanks, Marina. Yes, indeed, it’s fantastic finding inspiration in other’s work, and man, there’s so much out there! And I must just say that you inspire me as well, through that ‘kick ass’ attitude we spoke of (LOL) and also you’re awe inspiring scenery, all those places which mean so much to me, places I would like to experience first hand ever so, so much…

    • Thanks JP – like I said, I’ll take the kick-ass attitude as a compliment 😉 I see NY in your not-so-distant sights – a plethora of abandoned buildings to explore and document. Thanks for the inspiration and for creating work unlike any I have seen before.

    • Zhang – your photos are always a ray of sunshine! I know that sounds cliche though it is true. Every image is so powerful – thank you for that inspiration. I hope you enjoy looking at the other blogs!!

  7. Beautiful Post and so many other blogs to check out, thank you! 🙂 Thank you Marina for mentioning my blog and I am so happy you like the tea 😀 And thank you for your encouragement 😀 Have a lovely Sunday!

    • Thanks Kristina, for your inspiration! I really do hope you make a little business with your natural remedies ~ how fun would it be to create the packaging! Enjoy surfing the blogosphere, maybe with a parsley tea close by (or better yet, hot chocolate!) Happy Sunday!

    • Roberto! Your comments are always so kind – I’m glad we inspire one another through the blogs – words, photos, art. You have alot to share and I know that many people will gain inspiration from your work. Thank you for sharing your passion 🙂

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