Letting Love Rule @ Radio City Music Hall

…And that’s how the Lenny Kravitz concert ended, with the audience on their feet, singing Let Love Rule, hoping their reverberations would be heard across the city and  the world. As Lenny Kravitz said last night, “It all starts with a vibration.”

It’s been a Lenny kind of weekend: happy, energetic, fun. Enjoy the images of Lenny Kravitz and his band, photographed from the middle Orchestra section at Radio City Music Hall.

A Sold Out Concert

Don’t give the people what they want. Give them something better! ~ said Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel, creator of Radio City Music Hall.

The glamorous and opulent interior

Roxy together with John D. Rockefeller and Radio Corporation of America (then an NBC radio as well as motion picture producer and distributor via RKO studios), collaborated to form one of the most glamorous looking venues in the world: Radio City Music Hall.

Interior Design – Art Deco elements feature throughout: from the light fixtures to the carpet design

Opened in 1932, Radio City Music Hall is a stunning example of American Modernist design. Edward Durell Stone designed the theatre; Donald Deskey decorated the interior. One New York critic commented, “It has been said of the new Music Hall that it needs no performers.”

It was granted official city landmark status in 1978.

Since 1933, more than 700 movies have opened here. Premieres included King Kong, National Velvet, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Mary Poppins, and To Kill a Mockingbird, which starred a former Radio City usher, Gregory Peck!

Radio City Music Hall used to follow a movie-and-stage-show format, though this ended in 1979 because of heavy competition in securing exclusive movie bookings. Today, it hosts live performances. Aretha Franklin and Barry Manilow will be touring here in early 2012. More permanent is the annual The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. A tradition since 1933, it features the popular dance team, The Rockettes.

The Great Stage, designed by Peter Clark, measures 66.5 feet deep and 144 feet wide, and resembles a setting sun.* The gold curtain, fringing the arched stage, is the largest in the world.

Radio City Music Hall is the largest indoor theatre in the world. Its marquee is one city-block long. Its auditorium measures 160 feet from back to front, and the ceiling is 84-feet high. The walls and ceiling form by a series of sweeping arches that define a splendid space.**

In 1999, Radio City underwent a $70-million restoration that freshened up the old and brought in state of the art technology. It is currently leased to and managed by Madison Square Garden, Inc.

LENNY KRAVITZ Concert on January 28, 2012.

This concert was part of Lenny’s American tour, a first in five years. His latest studio album is: Black And White America.


**Excerpt from http://www.radiocity.com/about/history.html


62 thoughts on “Letting Love Rule @ Radio City Music Hall

    • Seeing Lenny at Radio City was a treat ~ I’ve been a fan from way back 🙂 Radio City is so beautiful ~ it’s hard not to fall for the Art Deco details. Thanks for your compliment about the photos!!

    • Thanks Jenny – it was a very self-indulgent post! Though I love the venue and I love Lenny – and I wanted to share the love 🙂 Enjoy Lenny’s music if you’re inspired to listen to it 🙂

    • Thanks so much Adrian! It was tough taking a shot of Lenny K with the shutter speed so low.. It’s always hard juggling ‘enjoying’ the moment whilst ‘recording’ the moment too. PLUS I could have done with a longer lens! I appreciate your comment – it means alot 🙂 Glad I could show you some of the interior of the Hall. 🙂

      • Yes, I think it is a double edged sword as I feel I see more when I take photographs though it’s also about sharing the moments with who you’re with! Maybe I just need to keep traveling – to practise getting better at that balance!

  1. The warm glow of the interior is very inviting. Glamorous!
    I love the photograph of the balconies and the orange lights running across the ceiling. So strong and striking! And of course Lenny, also striking… 🙂
    Good fun!

    • Hi Karen! Yes – I did include quite a few photos of Lenny didn’t it?! The whole interior of Radio City was this warm colour ~ everything was aglow so it did feel extra special. Thank you!

  2. Hey Marina
    tell me you didn’t do the concert shot editing all in camera with the D5000 multiple image thingy……if you did I AM IN AWE!!!
    I’ve tried using it and failed miserably ….
    Whatever you used they’re great shots and what an absolutely gorgeous venue.

    • Hi Stuart! Thanks – I’m happy that the shots turned out. And yes, I used that retouch menu on the D5000. I haven’t attempted any software programs yet. I think I’d get a bit too obsessed with the details then. Thank you!

    • Hi JP – the theatre is really beautiful especially knowing that so many movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood premiered there. Lenny knows how to get the crowd up and dancing, and he indulged us with many of the older hits – my favourites! Thanks JP!

    • Thanks Paula! I had a glass (plastic one) of champagne in one hand and the camera in the other 😉 Juggling act! I so appreciate your comment – I’m glad that I could share the photos!

    • That is so cool – my posts as dessert! Thanks for the lovely compliment to a Monday! When you’re in NYC, most definitely try and catch a show at Radio City. It’s really fun and so much nicer to see a musical talent here – like Lenny – than in a stadium type venue. Thanks again 🙂

  3. Wow…gorgeous, Marina! Your photos are stunning! What a beautiful theatre. I love art deco and the rich colors are divine. Sounds like you had a fun time! Thanks for a great post!

    • The theatre had the brightest lights I have ever seen – I guess it all went with the concept of the curtain/stage looking like a ‘setting sun’. Thanks so much for your nice comment – I am glad I could share the images 🙂

  4. Waouw ! Your pictures are terrific, Marina ! Thank you for sharing with us things I wouldn’t ever see otherwise. The city hall is stunning and I bet the concert was amazing !

  5. Thanks for sharing Lenny Kravitz with us. Splendid pictures, I almost felt like I was present during the concert. And Radio City Music Hall is a stunning place.

  6. I’ve heard of the place, and it was great seeing your photos and getting to feel the atmosphere. As for Lenny, never heard of him… so I probably wouldn’t enjoy his music that much… but still got a good impression from your documentation. Thanks Marina.

    • Thanks Shimon! Radio City is a lovely space – its lobby has that glamorous feel that allows one to feel as if they could have stepped back in time. That is, until you see a performer like Lenny Kravitz, in the theatre. He is so modern and cool. Here’s a link to his latest song: http://youtu.be/7wsqtg-Rs7Y Here’s a link to one of my favourite songs of his: http://youtu.be/2XDBngjyN6g
      If you have time to listen to them, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

      • Thanks for sharing the links with me Marina. I did listen, and was impressed by his charm, and the melodies which are compelling. It isn’t exactly my taste, but I think I could listen to him for a while and enjoy his music.

      • Dear Shimon – that’s lovely of you, to listen and comment back to me! He has something interesting to say, especially in his Black and White America, reflective of his upbringing (aided by the music video, if you were able to view it). This is a bit more rock n roll, though I like it for its ‘motion’ qualities 🙂 “Fly Away” http://youtu.be/EvuL5jyCHOw Thank you again!

  7. Pingback: Musings at The Conservatory Garden, Central Park, NYC ~ with thanks | Marina Chetner

  8. Amazing photo’s, amazing building!! I am looking forward to the first time I see inside Radio City Music Hall. I was pretty blown away by the Royal Albert Hall at Christmas, there are some stunning homes for entertainment in this world. Thanks for sharing that one Marina. Love it!!

    • It is a beautiful building and when you’re in NY, you can do a Behind the Scenes tour of the Music Hall. I haven’t been to Royal Albert hall – one day I’ll get there 😉 Especially around Christmas – all these types of spaces are extra beautiful! Thanks Kezza!

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