Are You Gonna Go My Way, Radio City?

Let the weekend begin ~

January 28, 8pm. Lenny Kravitz @ Radio City Music Hall

You are the flame in my heart
You light my way in the dark

~ I Belong to You ~

I wish that I could fly

Into the sky / So very high

Like a dragonfly

~ Fly Away ~

The future looks as though it has come around

And maybe we have finally found our common ground

~ Black and White America ~

If you want it you got it

You just got to believe

Believe in yourself

~ Believe ~

I’d fly above the trees

Over the seas in all degrees

To anywhere I please

~ Fly Away ~

Welcome to the real world

You better be strong

~ Circus ~

So that’s why you’ve got to try
You’ve got to breathe and have some fun

~ Are You Gonna Go My Way ~

Holding memories like the sun that always shines

~ Looking Back on Love ~

Now I’m gonna live my life
Giving you the most in every way

~ I Belong To You ~


20 thoughts on “Are You Gonna Go My Way, Radio City?

  1. Hi Marina,
    I’ve heard of Radio City but had no idea what it looked like. I love your third and fith pictures particularly. The perspective and hard edged black and white of your third picture draws you in to the scene. I keep going back to it. Some really nice images and I am no longer clueless about an such an iconic New York venue 🙂

    • Adrian! I am so glad to have shown you Radio City. Thanks for the comments on the 3rd and 5th – the black and white was straight off the camera. It did a pretty clear job 🙂 So happy you like them and I’ve got some interiors to share with you soon 🙂 Thank you so much!

    • Thanks so much El. That LOVE sign is just up from Radio City and to be honest, I wasn’t even expecting it as I had forgotten it was there. If only Love was so easy for everyone to stumble upon regularly, all over the world 🙂

    • Thanks so much Scott! Lenny Kravitz said the same thing last night – he reminisced about going with his grandmother to Radio City in his itchy woollen suit when he was a kid, to see the Rockettes. I’ve got some interiors that I will post shortly. Hope they bring back more memories!

    • Paula – I am so happy to have found another Lenny fan! NYC and Lenny just go hand in hand 🙂 Thanks for your comment! I have some interiors and shots of Lenny to share – I will post soon and hope you’ll enjoy them!

  2. I’ve only seen shots of this in movies, quite another thing looking at it on a blog 🙂 By the way, I didn’t realize I wasn’t subscribed to your blog till today! I was starting to question if there was a glitch in the system, that I never receive any updates on your posts in my inbox. Now I know, I’m losing my memory. lol.

    • Hi! I only discovered that there was an option to receive posts daily or weekly a few weeks ago! Radio City is so beautiful in real life so hopefully I did some justice to it with the pics… And to Lenny K too 🙂

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