Williamsburg’s Street Art

Every day, after my yoga practice, I walk a different route home, if only to uncover something new about Williamsburg.

Ever since visiting Barcelona this year, I’ve been taken with street art. The Barcelona-based fashion brand, Desigual, even takes inspiration from it – their T-shirts and sweaters and logo and display windows pay testament to the art form. But, I digress.

Early morning. Street art on show. Ali in front of a pastry shop in La Rambla, Barcelona

I’d never paid much attention to street art and graffiti when I moved to Brooklyn, but I seek it out on my everyday strolls. Or maybe I’m more conscious of it because it is top of mind. Some neighbourhoods are subject to “clean up” initiatives, but Williamsburg feels like an open-art gallery where graffiti, stencil drawings, posters, sidewalk art, stickers and murals are part of its landscape. I wonder if street art inspires people to get tattoos?

Street art off of Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

My current finds are in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5 thoughts on “Williamsburg’s Street Art

  1. Great to hear that you’re becoming interested in street art. There are some fascinating pieces that I’ve seen over the years, both stencil and straight up graffiti/DIY stuff. There’s a site that caters to this type of thing that I used to visit a lot; if I can remember it I’ll send it to you.

  2. It’s so cool coming across a new work in the neighbourhood. Have a look at the ‘Saturdays in Williamsburg’ blog -I included more in the slideshow. If there’s any street art in Sydney, let me know. I’d love to include in the blog if you could take some pics xxx

  3. There is some fun art on your slide show. I thought one of the pieces was by Banksy, a British born international street artist, but it isn’t, though when I was checking I did notice that Williamsburg does have some of his art on North 6th between Wythe and Kent. Have you seen it?

    • I was told that the squirrel image I have on my slideshow is by Banksy – it is on the side of the Blue Coffee Roasters building on Berry St and 5th, just by Wyeth and Kent and 6th. Is this what you are referring to? By the way – Banksy has a current exhibition in Sydney on Cockatoo island. I heard it was fantastic. You can read about it on time Out Sydney. let me know about that Banksy in W’burg. I need to investigate that!

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