Saturdays in Williamsburg

Fall is definitely upon us in New York, and I am enjoying it a lot more than I had thought. (Remember, this is coming from an Aussie, who grew up in two types of weather – hot and cold. Now faced with four distinct seasons, I welcome the beauty of the changing landscape, but cannot get used to the snow!) The trees are so beautiful at this time of year, with their leaves turning from green to gold to red, then orangey yellow. The chilly weather is cut with a dash of sun. The current trend on Williamsburg’s streets calls for: hats, boots (of course), army jackets, and skinny jeans.

The leaves have changed colour, and in between the branches – a bird’s nest.

Fall in North Williamsburg is really pleasant. Taxis hardly honk, crowds subside, and cool boutiques display fuzzy fashions. Also, the lines for lunch are shorter. Falls also means that there are only a few Saturdays left to enjoy Smorgasburg, an open air market made up of about 100 stalls selling food and homemade goods. Today the market was set up and bustling, serving everything from oysters to smoked short ribs. (Ok, the latter had a long line but it is comfort food after all). If you miss Smorgasburg, which ends November 19, don’t worry because the Manhattan view is always here to enjoy. Tables are available for picnics in the East River Park. Location: Kent Ave and N.6th Street. Easily accessible by the L subway (Bedford Avenue stop) or the East River Ferry from 34th Street.

Smorgasburg against Manhattan’s skyline

Bedford Avenue is usually pretty busy. Today, plenty of people were enjoying the afternoon sun with a cup of coffee or glass of wine on outdoor terraces. The sidewalk stalls are still set up too, selling their used books and vintage vinyl.

Brooklyn Industries on Bedford Avenue. This was the site of their first store ever.

Sunflowers from the local deli

Bikes, bikes, bikes

Find whatever cheese your heart desires at The Bedford Cheese Shop

And of course, I photographed more street art. Just scroll/arrow through if you stumble upon any of the other images already seen in this post. Happy Saturday! x

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